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ConnectWise makes double security acquisition

MSP specialist moves to make life easier for those trying to manage threat detection and prevention

ConnectWise has used its IT Nation Connect event to outline ambitions to increase its capabilities in security.

The MSP technology specialist unveiled a double acquisition of Perch Security and StratoZen and shared an ambition to make it easier for managed service providers to offer protection to SME customers.

Jason Magee, CEO of ConnectWise, said the firm had worked hard to reduce the silos created by PSA and RMM solutions and now wanted to extend that to cover security.

“There’s chaos going on there,” he said. “There are some point solutions and great solutions out there, but there’s antivirus, there’s firewalls, there’s EDR, MDR, XDR, there’s SIMs, co-managed SIMs, SOCs, so there’s lot if silos and there is a lot to manage and they don’t talk to each other.

“We’re going to eliminate the silos and chaos around cyber security as well. To realise that vision, we have acquired StratoZen and Perch Security.”

Magee added: “This is going to change the ways that TSPs and MSPs think about security and how they manage security, how they protect themselves and their customers and really get this under control and eliminate those silos.”

Brian Downey, vice-president of security product management at ConnectWise, said many customers were using numerous products, and that posed management headaches for MSPs.

“Good security requires answering some basic questions that can be difficult to answer: what are my risks, how do I know when I’m under attack and how do I respond?” he said. “The reason it’s hard is because our industry has taken the flawed approach of adding more tools, more staff, more complexity – all contributing to silos of chaos.”

Aharon Chernin, CEO at Perch Security, said the company had spent the last few years building a business that made advanced threat detection available for SMEs, and it valued MSPs as a route to those customers.

“It’s been extremely rewarding to see MSPs find the value in our offering and even more so to add functionality that they told us they needed most – SIEM technology, integrations with the tools they use, and more,” he said.

Kevin Prince, CEO at StratoZen, was also keen to extend the reach of his firm’s threat detection offering through a tie-up with ConnectWise. “The team at StratoZen has leveraged our deep security expertise to help MSPs identify security threats from what can seem like an overwhelming amount of information and alerts,” he said.

Magee used his slot on the IT Nation event to discuss how the coronavirus had impacted the business and revealed that security had been one of the biggest areas of demand.

“Cyber security, work from home and cloud all tie into the opportunity around cyber security,” he said. “The risk is real and has grown and is not going to go anywhere.”

Magee said there was a lot of optimism in the MSP community that they could help customers solve problems and reduce the risks for those working remotely.

ConnectWise has a habit of making double acquisitions at this time of year. Back in October 2019, it sealed deals with Continuum, adding more security depth and a SOC, plus ITBoost, which specialised in automated IT documentation.

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