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Cloudflare open to channel expansion

Cloud based security and web performance player is keen to expand its UK channel relationships

Cloud network platform player Cloudflare is looking to expand its channel footprint to arm more service providers with a chance to offer a different take on the provision of security and performance applications.
The firm provides a cloud-based alternative to top of rack options like load balancing, web optimisation, DNS and firewalls and has developed its own product range to appeal to those looking to migrate those tasks into the cloud.
With the growth of the complexities of multi-cloud and the desire by many customers to consolidate their vendor relationships there has been rising demand for a cloud-based alternative that comes with easy to use management tools.
Chris Merritt, chief revenue officer at Cloudflare, said that resellers could have an opportunity to get further ahead of their competitors by bringing customers more options at the networking layer.
"We are bullish about putting network services in the cloud where others have done it in the top of the rack," he added "The network layer gives the partners a first run at what's happening at the storage and compute layers."
He said that the door remained open to a wide range of prospective partners, ranging from traditional VARs to emerging born-in-the-cloud firms, and it had always been a channel friendly firm keen to work with both resellers and distributors.
He added that it would appeal to a broad range of partners that were looking to deliver: "A strong balance of security and performance services that have typically been on-prem but are moving to the cloud.”
Andy Lockhart, head of EMEA at Cloudflare, said that it had been working in the UK for several years and had already established channel relationships and seen the interest in its offering increase due to partnerships with the likes of IBM and Rackspace.
"This is a high growth market and as far as the partner goes we find that they are joining us in enjoying that market growth and many see it as a new source of income," he said.

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