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destruction of service (DeOS) attack

A destruction-of-service (DeOS) attack is a form of cyberattack that targets an organization's entire online presence as well as their ability to recover from the attack afterwards. Read Full Definition

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disruption-tolerant network (DTN)

A disruption-tolerant network (DTN) is a network designed so that temporary or intermittent communications problems, limitations and anomalies have the least possible adverse impact... (Continued) Read Full Definition

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moonbounce or Earth-Moon-Earth (EME)

Moonbounce, also called Earth-Moon-Earth (EME), is a form of wireless communication in which the moon is used as a passive satellite. Read Full Definition

supply chain security

Supply chain security is the part of supply chain management (SCM) that focuses on minimizing risk for supply chain, logistics and transportation management systems (TMS). Read Full Definition

fiber optics (optical fiber)

Fiber optics, or optical fiber, refers to the medium and the technology associated with the transmission of information as light pulses along a glass or plastic strand or fiber. Read Full Definition

traffic shaping

Traffic shaping, also known as packet shaping, is a congestion management method that regulates network data transfer by delaying the flow of less important or less desired packets. Read Full Definition

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Fair Information Practices (FIP)

FIP (Fair Information Practices) is a general term for a set of standards governing the collection and use of personal data and addressing issues of privacy and accuracy. Read Full Definition

VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN)

VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN) is a method of sending voice information in digital form over a wireless broadband network. The technology is sometimes called "VoWi-Fi" or "Wi-Fi VoIP" because it uses the IEEE 802.11 set ... Read Full Definition

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digital pill

A digital pill is a capsule with embedded sensors that send healthcare-related data to external parties. Read Full Definition

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Prisma is a cloud security suite that provides four different services that use rule-based security policies and machine learning to protect cloud services. This suite can be used on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ... Read Full Definition

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