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EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC)

EU Data Protection Directive (also known as Directive 95/46/EC) is a regulation adopted by the European Union to protect the privacy and protection of all personal data collected for or about citizens of the EU, ... Read Full Definition

reputation risk

Reputation risk is the threat to the profitability or sustainability of a business or other entity that is caused by unfavorable public perception of the organization or its products or services. Read Full Definition

storage security

Storage security is the group of parameters and settings that make storage resources available to authorized users and trusted networks - and unavailable to other entities. Read Full Definition

mobile security (wireless security)

Mobile security is the protection of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable computing devices, and the networks they connect to, from threats and vulnerabilities associated with wireless computing. Mobile... Read Full Definition


A vandal is an executable file, usually an applet or an ActiveX control, associated with a Web page that is designed to be harmful, malicious, or at the very least inconvenient to the user. Read Full Definition

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exit strategy

An exit strategy is a planned approach to terminating a situation in a way that will maximize benefit or minimize damage. Read Full Definition

mobile app security

Mobile app security is the extent of protection that mobile device application programs (apps) have from malware and the activities of crackers and other criminals. Read Full Definition

net-zero energy building

A net-zero energy (NZE) building is one that produces as much energy, from renewable sources, as it uses. Buildings that produce almost as much energy as they use are sometimes called near-zero energy buildings. Read Full Definition

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greenhouse gas

A greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared (IR) radiation and radiates heat in all directions. Greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere absorb IR from the sun and release it. Some of the heat released ... Read Full Definition

Windows To Go

Windows To Go is a feature of the Windows 8 Enterprise operating system that allows it to be copied to a portable USB storage device. Microsoft promotes the feature as a useful tool for mobile employees and ... Read Full Definition