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cold cloning

Cold cloning is a cloning method that takes place while the server OS is not running. Read Full Definition

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cloud outage

A cloud outage is a period of time during which cloud services are unavailable.   Read Full Definition

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profit margin

A profit margin is the difference between what it costs a business to get a product or service to market and the price it charges for it. Read Full Definition

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Virtual Storage Portal (VSP)

Another meaning for VSP is vertical solutions provider. Read Full Definition

wrap plug

A wrap plug, also known as a loopback plug, is a special plug that can be inserted into a port on a communications device to perform a diagnostic test called a loopback test. Read Full Definition

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A nanotransistor is a transistor - the component that acts as an electronic signal switch or amplifier - that is near the scale of a billionth of a meter (or nanometer) in size. Read Full Definition

RAID 6 (redundant array of independent disks)

RAID 6, also known as double-parity RAID, uses two parity stripes on each disk. It allows for two disk failures within the RAID set before any data is lost. Read Full Definition

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channel conflict

Channel conflict is a situation in which channel partners have to compete against one another or a vendor's internal sales department. Read Full Definition

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ROM emulation

ROM emulation is the process of copying data from a ROM (read-only memory) chip to a storage medium such as a hard disk or flash memory. Read Full Definition

Basel III

Basel III is a set of standards and practices created to ensure that international banks maintain adequate capital to sustain themselves during periods of economic strain. Read Full Definition