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A conglomerate is a company that comprises multiple different corporations. The most common type of conglomerate is a parent company with subsidiaries. Read Full Definition

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financial reporting

Financial reporting is the process of producing the reports, called statements, that disclose an organization's financial status to management, investors and the U.S. federal government. Read Full Definition

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T.38 fax over IP (FoIP protocol)

T.38 is a protocol for sending faxes over a voice over IP (VoIP) network or the Internet in real time. Read Full Definition

blue bomb (WinNuke)

A "blue bomb" (also known as "WinNuke") is a technique for causing the Windows operating system of someone you're communicating with to crash or suddenly terminate. Read Full Definition

bus network

A bus network is an arrangement in a local area network (LAN) in which each node (workstation or other device) is connected to a main cable or link called the bus. Read Full Definition

stay interview

A stay interview is an organized meeting between a manager and an existing employee to review the reasons the employee stays with the company and seeking out concerns that might influence the employee to leave. Read Full Definition

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nanobiomechanics (nanoscale biomechanics)

Nanobiomechanics, also called nanoscale biomechanics, is a field of biomedical technology that involves measurement of the mechanical characteristics of individual living cells. Read Full Definition

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limitation of liability clause

A limitation of liability clause is the section in a service-level agreement (SLA) that specifies the amounts and types of damages that each party will be obliged to provide to the other in particular circumstances... Read Full Definition

leaky bucket

The leaky bucket is an analogy for describing how inputs and outputs work in a wide variety of business and technology contexts. The analogy is to a physical bucket with a hole in it: The bucket can hold water up ... Read Full Definition

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hot cloning

Hot cloning is a cloning method that takes place while the server OS is running. Read Full Definition

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