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The iPhone's 10th anniversary: HP's PC in your pocket

Source:  HP

So far, the list of mobile breakthroughs includes devices from BlackBerry, Nokia and of course, Apple. What about Microsoft? Interestingly enough, Microsoft was among the pioneers in the late 1990s with its Windows CE operating system. The idea was to offer Office and Microsoft Exchange access across mobile phones, handheld and palmtop PCs, laptops and desktops.

HP’s iPaq was a successful handheld computer running the Windows Mobile operating system, that found its way into business. But Microsoft did not really have much success with smartphones. It even acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business in 2013 to boost its mobile phone business.

Today, devices like the HP Elite X3 illustrates what is now possible with Windows 10. It shows how one device can be at the heart of many different form-factors. The Elite X3 is a Windows 10 device, that happens to be a fully-fledged PC on a smartphone, which can connect to a wireless display and keyboard or HP’s “lap dock”, providing a full desktop or laptop experience.

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