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    • CIO interview: Theo Blackwell, London chief digital officer, Mayor of London’s Office
    • SAP bids to modernise indirect licensing arrangements with new pricing model
    • The Cambridge Analytica case: What’s a data scientist to do?
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  • Lauri Love: how reformed hackers halted the WannaCry virus

    Lauri Love presents a compelling story of the WannaCry malware that nearly brought down the NHS, and the behind the scenes work of former hackers, and security researchers that helped to prevent lives being lost. Love is facing extradition to the US after allegedly taking part in a hacking protest over the death of internet pioneer Aaron Swartz, who faced jail for using a hidden computer to downloading academic journals at MIT.

  • Diversity in technology 2017: Alternative routes into tech - how people can succeed

    In this video from Computer Weekly’s 2017 diversity in technology event, a number of young people in the technology industry discuss their various routes in to tech and why the traditional path is not always the best.

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