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    • CIO interview: Nitin Chaturvedi, chief digital and technology officer, KFC Global
    • Navigating the sticky issue of monitoring employee productivity
    • Ecolabels and data sanitisation key to recycling and reusing IT assets
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  • Lauri Love: how reformed hackers halted the WannaCry virus

    Lauri Love presents a compelling story of the WannaCry malware that nearly brought down the NHS, and the behind the scenes work of former hackers, and security researchers that helped to prevent lives being lost. Love is facing extradition to the US after allegedly taking part in a hacking protest over the death of internet pioneer Aaron Swartz, who faced jail for using a hidden computer to downloading academic journals at MIT.

  • Eugene Kaspersky on why e-crime is going social

    In an interview with Computer Weekly, Eugene Kaspersky discusses the growing threat of cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure

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