Roundup: University case studies on innovative security products

Browse this collection of university case studies from colleges that have successfully implemented innovative security products.

Universities are unique in their information security challenges: What other institutions serve a user population with such a wide base of (usually) technically savvy individuals who need the network for so many different reasons, including both personal and academic matters?

Thus, each university information security policy must also be unique. Each must meet not only the needs of the particular institution's students, faculty and staff, but also be agile enough to confront the latest threats, support new educational technologies, and handle a heavy load of social networking traffic.

In this guide, read our collection of university case studies, in which institutions of higher learning share their stories of struggling with and overcoming information security challenges, often thanks in large part to some innovative security products. Plus, get advice on infosec initiatives that can help keep academic networks operating efficiently and securely.

Network security case study: College’s NAC virtual appliance makes grade
In this case study, learn how Wellington College implemented a NAC virtualisation appliance that blocks malware and provides increased capacity on demand.

In schools, free online Web proxies thwart enterprise Web filtering
New survey results show security managers in education struggle to control student use of services that bypass enterprise Web filtering systems.

Sourcefire sensors improve college's network security
A technical resources director at Halesowen College in the West Midlands found a way to harden network security on a tight budget.

College learns lessons in choosing the right NAC appliance
After deciding to open up the wireless network to students, Tim Hanks of Stroud College realized he would need to install a NAC appliance to keep the network secure. Find out what he chose and why.

What Web security initiatives can be taken on a college campus?
In this expert response, get advice on the Web security strategies that work best to lock down the unique ecosystems that comprise university networks.

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