IT in Europe, Security Edition: Smartphone security issues

How can security teams manage devices they don’t control? Find out how to manage smartphone and tablet security threats.

Editor’s note: The articles featured below originally appeared in the spring 2012 edition of IT in Europe, Information Security Edition magazine, which covered smartphone security issues. Download the entire IT in Europe, Information Security Edition spring 2012 issue (.pdf).

IT in Europe Information Security magazine, spring 2012 issue

Cover story: Taking control of smartphone proliferation while avoiding user anarchy
With smartphone proliferation raging through companies, IT teams must deal with multiple device types and mobile operating systems. They are turning to mobile device management (MDM) features to keep corporate data safe, but are current MDMs up to the task?

Editor’s desk: Getting serious about tablet security risks and user training
With increasing use of tablet devices and related tablet security risks, the time has come to get serious about user education. UK Bureau Chief Ron Condon prescribes a new mindset for user security training.

Technical feature: Four mobile device security threats and three tools to manage them
Lulled by the convenience of their mobile devices, users may give little thought to security as they download apps or upload data. Expert Rob Shapland outlines four mobile device security threats and three tools you can use to manage them.

Perspectives: Surveying the landscape of today’s mobile device security risks
The biggest mobile device security risks do not come from malware -- at least not yet. Find out the primary concerns of IT pros managing mobile devices in their organisations.

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