Data center power management tips and tricks

The more power organizations need, the more scarce it seems to get. Read on to know how effective data center power management can help overcome this problem.

The sky-rocketing power needs of data centers are a concern for IT managers. Effective data center power management goes a long way in reducing this spiraling need and saving a major chunk of IT budgets. This handy guide, forked into two parts will help you in achieving this goal. While the first part deals with useful tips, the second part concentrates on organizations that have successfully implemented data center power management strategies.

Data center power management tops the list of IT agenda

Data center power management is the nucleus of IT and facility managers' agendas, as they look to control energy costs and get the most from their data centers. In their data center power management handling tricks, managers attempt to get as much capacity out of every energy dollar as possible. Organizations with new data centers are also hunting for better ways to manage power.

Green data center design best practices 

Optimizing the existing data center infrastructure to make it a green data center infrastructure is a vital step towards securing the supply of reliable and affordable energy. The only way to circumvent power shortage and easily go about data center power management is to build energy-efficient green data centers. This can be achieved using the following green data center design best practices.

N+1 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) design

N+1 redundancy (or parallel redundancy) ensures a UPS system's availability in the event of component failure - especially in a tier 2 or tier 3 data center. Its specifications should be carefully outlined as it can prove highly beneficial in data center power management. Here are some handy N+1 UPS design tips for better power management in data centers.

Choosing the right UPS for data center power management

Size is one of the key factors wile choosing a UPS system for your data center. This tip explains UPS sizing and capacity planning, along with deciding on the right-sized system for your data center.

Hot aisle - cold aisle design best practices

The hot aisle - cold aisle containment is a technology, which aids in data center power management and reducing power consumption drastically. Here are some power-packed tips to get you started on power management of your data center in a smooth and amazingly cost-effective way.

Data center power management strategies at Godfrey Phillips

This is how Godfrey Phillips upgraded its data center power and cooling setup for effective data center power management, as a future investment. Time had come for the organization to don a data center garb and along with it, the need to revamp the power management set-up was inevitable. Take a look at the tremendous benefits the organization availed from this change.

Innovative data center power management at Jindal Steel Limited (JSL)

Around eight years ago, JSL’s decision to have a proper data center gave rise to the issues of data center power management and cooling. The unorganized IT setup made it imperative that JSL uprooted the existing set up to make way for a new one. JSL generates its own power for its data center, has an innovative data center cooling, and isn't a fan of server virtualization. Take a look at how this was achieved.

IFFCO TOKIO’s data center power management insurance

Knowing exactly what you want makes things smoother on data center power  management fronts. IFFCO TOKIO's example makes us learn that lesson. Power acts like an pxygen for data centers and its importance increases even more during the times of power shortages, since CIOs and IT managers try everything possible to make more efficient usage of power and cooling in their data centers. Take a look at how this insurance major insured itself against such a crisis.

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