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All the news from RSA Europe 2011. Read news, features, tips and blogs from the London based IT security conference.

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Find out what occurred at RSA Europe 2011, in London recently. Read what happened at the IT security conference including expert keynotes, advice on protecting your environment, detecting threats in advance and preventing security breaches.

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RSA Europe IT security conference coverage 

IT security: Attacks and data breaches

RSA attack down to “nation state” groups
During the IT security conference, RSA Europe, it was revealed that a “nation state” was behind the SecurID attacks, back in March. The RSA still have a ban on Twitter and Facebook.

How to prepare for a security attack: Being agile enough to dodge an attack during a security failure
Do you know what to do if your security defence fails? Experts during RSA Europe 2011 advised IT professionals to stay agile in order to escape the latest security attacks.

RSA Europe share lessons learned from data breach
The IT security conference RSA Europe 2011 announced, in advance, that it would share the lessons it learnt from a previous data breach at EMC’s security division in addition to focusing on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Attack on military defence firms: How to protect your own business
The RSA claims the attackers that breached its system in March, were after information to enable them to target defence firms. Find out how the attackers mimicked RSA naming conventions in a bid to avoid being detected. All was revealed at RSA Europe 2011 recently

RSA assures conference attendees that data breach made them stronger
RSA’s Tom Heiser told the audience at RSA Europe 2011 that the recent data breach, on the company, has only made it stronger.


Art Coviello says RSA is not scare mongering but businesses need to rethink security strategy
RSA’s executive chairman advised RSA Europe 2011 attendees to change their security strategies and that the recent attacks on RSA, Sony and Google are just the tip of the iceberg.

IT security: Detect and prevent 

The future of IT security: Web inventor shares all
RSA Europe 2011 saw web inventor Tim Berners-Lee tells attendees that the future of IT security needs greater simplicity for users.

Security is about detection rather than prevention, says RSA
Businesses need to focus more on detecting security issues rather than preventing them, according to a keynote at the RSA Conference Europe 2011.

Web inventor makes call for new generation of information security systems
Tim Berners-Lee told the closing session of the RSA Europe Conference 2011 security professionals should think about systems that address ‘appropriate use.’ He advised businesses include systems that make people more accountable for their own use of data and keep track of whether data is being used in the right way.

UK company opts for Azure cloud platform as part of critical cash application strategy
RSA Europe 2011 delegates told how cloud-based managed services offer organisations the chance to transfer some common risk threats over to their service provider. Read the full case study from the IT security conference.

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