IT salary survey: Storage jobs in the UK

Find out what storage professionals are making in the UK in this IT salary survey focused on storage workers.

This year's salary survey produced some interesting information about how much you and your peers are making. Check out our IT salary survey results to find out where the best-paid storage jobs in the UK are (you'll be surprised), how much money storage professionals are pulling in, as well as data on other factors that influence salaries, such as education level and certifications.

Survey shows average UK storage salary rose by 4.3% in 2010 The average UK storage salary saw an increase in 2010 over 2009, and respondents to our IT salary survey expect it to increase again in 2011. But, in exchange for the higher income, respondents are responsible for more data storage than ever before. Find out how much your peers are getting paid, broken down region, technology sector, job function, department, storage capacity managed, years of experience, education level and certification.

Best-paid storage jobs go to the loyal and qualified Find out what the average UK storage professional earns, how much education he has, where he works, what technology sector he works in, how much storage he manages, how many certifications he holds, and more.

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