Best-paid storage jobs go to the loyal and qualified

The most highly paid storage jobs are held by long-serving and well-qualified employees. But, who is the average UK storage professional?

By Antony Adshead, UK Bureau Chief

If you are searching for storage jobs and you want to earn the best-possible salary in data storage in the UK, you'll need to be a consultant with a PhD working in the systems group of a manufacturing company in the north east. You'd also have been there for more than 10 years and manage more than 250 TB. Oh, and you'd hold five or more vendor certifications.

Those are the attributes you need to earn top storage dollar, according to the 2011 salary survey, which questioned 352 storage professionals on their pay and work late last year.

The average UK storage professional, however, is rather different from the loyal and highly educated Geordie described above.

For a start, you're most likely to work in southern England (22% of survey respondents), in inner London (21%) or outer London (12%).

Instead of being high-flyers, most who answered our survey (38%) are storage managers/admins while 34% are IT directors/managers and 28% are consultants.

And while managing massive amounts of data (more than 250 TB) is the preserve of the very well-paid few, the largest number (23%) of those surveyed manage between 1 TB and 9 TB of capacity, with 19% managing between 10 TB and 49 TB.

Most of those questioned do manage storage budgets in their organisations but it's a mere 4% that manage a budget of more than £5 million. Having said that, 13% do dispose of between £1 million and £5 million, 10% handle between £500,000 and £1 million, 10% look after between £250,000 and £500,000 and the largest number -- 23% -- spend up to £250,000 annually.

Long service in a job is quite common in storage, however, with the largest number of those questioned (32%) having been in their jobs for between six and 10 years, while 31% have been in post for between three and five years and 29% in the same role for more than 10 years.

Most respondents (34%) have between 11 and 15 years' experience in IT, with 51% having more than 16 years in the profession. Most (39%), however, have less than two years' dedicated storage experience while 35% have between three and five years' storage experience.

The majority (78%) manage between one and 10 people and the largest number (41%) hold a bachelors degree while 29% have A-levels or a vocational qualification.

Most of those asked (66%) have no vendor certifications while 10% hold one and 12% hold two.

The largest number (37%) are in IT services, with 12% in financial services and the remainder divided between other business sectors. Most work in quite large organisations, with 29% in enterprises of more than 10,000 people and 19% who share their employer with between 1,000 and 5,000 people.

A dedicated storage group is the most common place for most storage professionals (42%) with 35% working in a systems group. Networking groups are home for 8% of those questioned.

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