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Middle East retailers urged to embrace e-commerce platforms

26 Jun 2017

E-commerce in the Middle East makes up a tiny proportion of the region's GDP, but this will change as Amazon stokes the market Read More

Salesforce rallies in retail with purchase of Demandware e-commerce

By Geneva Stephens 19 Jul 2016

Now that Salesforce has purchased Demandware, it's positioned to compete with vendors like Oracle and even Amazon for market share. Read More

Why insurer Axa is entering the retail e-commerce market

By Cliff Saran 15 Sep 2015

Digitisation in insurance is usually associated with digital policy documents – but Axa is using technology to take a lateral approach to the indemnity business Read More

Pure e-commerce approach does not work for every retailer

By Clare McDonald 16 Apr 2015

Retailers can no longer be successful with an e-commerce approach alone, according to NYU professor of marketing Scott Galloway Read More

e-Commerce tech provides online magazines with seamless retail channel

By Caroline Baldwin 23 Jul 2014

Bauer Media has begun a partnership with Atosho to allow readers of their online magazines to purchase products without having to be redirected to the retailer's website. Bauer's Mother & Baby ... Read More

Retailers need chief algorithm officers to make e-commerce pay

By Brian McKenna 10 Jul 2014

Michael Ross, chief scientific officer at eCommera, an ecommerce software and services company, calls for chief algorithm officers Read More

How artificial intelligence is powering retail customer experience

By Cliff Saran 09 Feb 2017

Retailers are beginning to explore how cognitive computing and AI could make e-commerce smarter and more personalised Read More

Retailers refocus IT investment for e-commerce

By Kathleen Hall 27 Apr 2012

Retailers are shifting IT investments from core systems to customer-facing applications to capitalise on the growth of e-commerce Read More

Saudi’s growing e-commerce market offers global tech opportunities

By Alicia Buller 12 Jul 2018

Saudi Arabia's e-commerce sector is set to explode, and the IT sector in the country will see increased demand as a result Read More