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Google Wave - Surf, swim or suffocate?

By Faisal Alani 02 Oct 2009

Google Wave looks like it will turn into a typhoon as it sets its sights on email, social networking and instant messaging. But can Wave really sweep us off our feet or is it too much say goodbye to these shores...... Read More

Photos: Conspiracy and Censorship on the internet

By Heidi Foster 19 Oct 2009

Take a look at some of the most alarming cases of censorship that have taken the net by storm, how netizens have dealt with this issue, or how it was beaten back down. Read More

Photos: The most anticipated gadgets of 2011

By Faisal Alani 16 Dec 2010

Last year we saw some amazing gadget developments but next year promises to be even bigger as Google go further into the mobile phone market with the Playstation Phone and also venture into web TV. Read More

Photos: Gadgets of 2010 - What will rock your world!

By Faisal Alani 11 Jan 2010

This year promises to be the year of the gadget, with Google entering the mobile phone market and laptops getting smaller by the minute it seems our pockets will be full and our wallets empty in 2010. Read More

First pictures of Google Chrome OS

By Cliff Saran 20 Nov 2009

Chrome OS is Google's attempt to build an open source operating system for cloud computing, which will run on netbooks. Read More

Photos: The Dirty Dozen of Windows 7 - things that might bug you

By Andrew Fox 03 Aug 2009

After the rather embarrassing flop that was Vista, it seems that they may have finally got things right with their latest progeny, and by right we mean very right. But as with all masterpieces, there are bound to ... Read More

Photos: Social media facts businesses cannot ignore

By Karl Flinders 20 Aug 2009

Whatever you think about social media in business, it is impossible to ignore the massive number of people using websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Read More

Competition: Send us your mobile working snaps!

By Faisal Alani 30 Mar 2009

Enter our photo competition and win a Sony Cybershot camera. Read More

Photos: From launch to loser - the 14 fastest-failing tech products

By Matt Scott 26 Aug 2011

A year ago HP spent billions buying up Palm with a view to venturing into the world of tablets and smartphones only to announce that it is discontinuing its consumer oriented computer business. The demise of the ... Read More

Photos: Best of the best - The anniversary of our galleries

By Faisal Alani 02 Nov 2009

It has been a year since we launched the photo stories section of our website. Here are teh best ones. Read More