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Monitor VDI with these top tools

By Eddie Lockhart 29 Jan 2018

VDI monitoring is critical to understand why problems occur. IT can use tools in XenApp, XenDesktop and Horizon or try third-party options from the likes of Quest Foglight. Read More

How to quantify VDI user experience

By Eddie Lockhart 22 Jan 2018

IT can take steps to quantify the virtual desktop user experience by recording data on factors such as latency and image quality, as well as conducting user surveys. Read More

The ultimate guide to VDI planning

17 Jan 2018

There is no standard VDI deployment. Each one takes on a life of its own depending on key decisions, including the remote display protocol and the underlying infrastructure. Read More

The go-to guide for managing VDI users

23 Apr 2018

VDI shops can help keep their end users happy by using user profile management to enable personalization and by taking advantage of VDI monitoring tools. Read More

When implementing VDI, look to storage enhancements

By Reda Chouffani 16 Feb 2018

Hospitals looking at virtual desktop infrastructure can gain an ally in improved storage capabilities. Flash storage, in particular, has proved useful when implementing VDI. Read More

Pop quiz on the cost of VDI

By Eddie Lockhart 13 Dec 2017

VDI costs are not nearly as high as they once were. As a result, the time is right for IT pros to test their knowledge on where they can find savings. Read More

Keep the cost of VDI in check

By Eddie Lockhart 11 Dec 2017

VDI costs are coming down thanks in large part to the growth of hyper-converged infrastructure and the availability of inexpensive thin clients and open source options. Read More

Why VDI is here to stay

By Brien Posey 30 Nov 2017

It might not be the cure-all many IT experts thought it was when VDI first arrived, but lower prices and better performance mean it has a chance to last in the business world. Read More