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Telecoms industry at major tipping point

By Aaron Tan 12 Jan 2018

Communications service providers should gear up for a software-driven operations model and embrace microservices and DevOps to thrive in the digital economy Read More

Security Think Tank: Six tips for securing your organisation against cryptojacking

By Adrian Davis 06 Apr 2018

How can organisations best defend against cryptojacking? Read More

Advice and tips about DevOps for beginners

By Valerie Silverthorne 29 Mar 2018

DevOps is hard to get right, even if you've been doing it for a while. If you are brand new, this expert advice will help you get in the game more quickly. Read More

Tips for automating the performance management process

By Eric St-Jean 31 Jan 2018

Whether you have a talent management suite or are doing it in documents and email, you can build a people-friendly, efficient process if you know where to put your priorities. Read More

Tips for updating your corporate pandemic response plan

By Paul Kirvan 28 Mar 2018

To ensure your pandemic response plan is up-to-date and sufficient, check it against other business continuity procedures, and consult important sources for further guidance. Read More

Tips to bridge the gap between DevOps and legacy IT

By Cliff Saran 26 Sep 2017

DevOps is key to successful digital transformation programmes. But IT leaders need to work out how their legacy systems fit in Read More

Digital transformation at tipping point in Singapore

By Aaron Tan 18 Jul 2017

Businesses in Singapore are fine-tuning their digital transformation efforts, with a third of them moving public cloud workloads to on-premise systems Read More

Five tips for testing with mobile app developer tools

By Justin Rohrman 20 Mar 2018

Mobile app developer tools can alleviate the confusion of mobile test projects. Here are five strategies to consider if you're in the midst of testing complications. Read More

Managed services pricing: Tips for creating predictable revenue

By John Moore 16 Mar 2018

Many MSPs still rely heavily on an hourly billing rate and cost-plus pricing. Michael Backers, an MSPAlliance board member, offers advice on moving to managed services pricing. Read More

Four tips for successful digital transformation

04 Jan 2018

Nicola Downing, CFO, Ricoh Europe, has some advice for those looking to help customers carry out a successful digital transformation project Read More