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The challenges and solutions of the UK's tech skills gap

By Clare McDonald 27 Mar 2019

GUEST BLOG: In this contributed post Claudia Harris, the new chair of software bootcamp Makers, discusses the challenges and solutions to the UK’s tech skills gap - could encouraging more women ... Read More

The virtualization and container skills gap widens

By Paul Korzeniowski 02 May 2019

Businesses face organizational and management challenges as their support staff transitions from virtualization to a new development and management environment. Read More

Plugging the cybersecurity skills gap with security automation

By Mike Chapple 20 Mar 2019

Security automation and response promises to help alleviate the shortage of qualified cybersecurity pros. Learn how SOAR helps security teams work smarter, not harder. Read More

Using simulated disaster management to tackle the security skills gap

By Peter Ray Allison 01 Mar 2019

With the increasing need for cyber security professionals, organisations are turning to new ways to address the skills gap facing the security sector Read More

Substantive reform to education needed to address the skills gap blighting fintechs

By Karl Flinders 27 Feb 2019

TrueLayer talks about the deeper causes of fintech skills shortages beyond Brexit uncertainty Read More

Datacentre industry needs to raise its profile to address skills gaps, says panel

By Caroline Donnelly 13 Mar 2019

The veil of secrecy the datacentre industry operates under is doing it no favours when it comes to attracting talent, according to Data Centre World panel Read More

Soft skills present largest tech industry skills gap, says panel

By Clare McDonald 02 Nov 2018

A panel of experts speaking at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in London said one of the biggest skills gap in the technology industry surrounds soft skills Read More

IBM, CTA: Apprenticeships key to bridging IT skills gap

By Darryl K. Taft 01 Feb 2019

Apprenticeships might help to cut the shortage of skilled IT workers and help companies keep pace with demands for new apps and services for their employees and customers. Read More

Overcome the cybersecurity skills gap to embrace the digital transformation power of IoT

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy 25 Feb 2019

Securing IoT is critical, but with a major security skills shortage, recruiting talent is challenging to say the least. Fortinet's Jonathan Nguyen-Duy offers insight into finding – or cultivating – ... Read More

ERP skills gap may open with moves to the cloud

By Beth Stackpole 09 Jan 2019

Organizations must decide between using internal experts or outside consultants as they implement ERP systems. Experts say a combination of both may be the best option. Read More