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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

Splunk pricing worries some users amid SignalFx monitoring buy

By Beth Pariseau 22 Aug 2019

Splunk wants to collect more data via SignalFx, but some users wonder how much it will cost to keep up with the proliferation of logs and metrics in the age of cloud monitoring. Read More

Enforce container ecosystem consistency in 4 steps

By Tom Nolle 10 Jan 2019

Lightweight apps are easy to containerize, but monoliths need more work. Expert admins can bring those heavyweight apps into the fold, whether they were made for containers or not. Read More

Linux Foundation drives VNF migration to cloud-native functions

By Jennifer English 28 Sep 2018

The Linux Foundation is driving VNF migration to cloud-native network functions, claiming the transition results in better efficiency, scalability and reliability. Read More

Alaska Airlines charts course for DevOps security

By Beth Pariseau 20 Jun 2019

As Alaska Airlines plots a flight path to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, it will navigate with an automated DevOps security tool that spans multiple IT environments. Read More

Evaluate the Azure serverless tools to ease deployment anxiety

By Tom Nolle 25 Jun 2019

So you want to build a serverless application on Microsoft Azure? Explore the tools and features that support those apps and determine how you want to manage your eventflow. Read More

Meshing service-oriented architecture with the cloud

By Todd Biske 01 Jul 2011

Success with SOA (and ITIL) implies a maturity around service management. A mature service management approach should correlate with making better decisions around the cloud. Read More

Hybrid cloud strategies to bridge on-premises, public cloud gap

By Keith Townsend 27 Jun 2019

Moving workloads to a hybrid cloud environment requires several strategies, and organizations should look toward multi-hypervisors, SDDCs and Kubernetes to do so. Read More

Microservices management tools harmonize polyglot chaos

By Beth Pariseau 30 Mar 2018

IT ops must replenish its toolkit to standardize infrastructure management and let developers experiment with the latest programming languages and application designs. Read More

Some tricks to help manage load balancing in microservices

By Twain Taylor 24 Oct 2018

Load balancing is a critical, and potentially thorny, part of cloud-native microservices management. Consider these methods and tools that can help address these challenges. Read More

Explore container deployment benefits and core components

By Tom Nolle 29 Aug 2019

As container adoption grows, the ecosystem of tools surrounding the technology expands as well. Explore the benefits of container systems for enterprise app deployments. Read More