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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

DH2i's DxConnect brings zero-trust connectivity to networks

By Sabrina Polin 18 Jun 2019

DH2i's zero-trust architecture software, DxConnect, will address common security issues and bring microtunnel development, discreet invisibility, an open API and more. Read More

CenturyLink acquires Streamroot, adding P2P CDN capabilities

By Sean Michael Kerner 11 Sep 2019

Peer-to-peer content delivery network technology from Streamroot will enable CenturyLink to reach underserved areas and offer more services to customers. Read More

CIO as technology evangelist: Build your case for transformation

By Niel Nickolaisen 07 Oct 2019

Technology change is hard -- and, these days, it's constant. Here's how one CIO learned to become a technology evangelist and got the time, money and buy-in for IT transformation. Read More

GitOps path puts CI/CD ahead of infrastructure automation

By Beth Pariseau 30 Jul 2019

Which comes first -- automated app deployment pipelines, or automated infrastructures on which to deploy? At GitOps shop Procore, the answer is emphatically the former. Read More

IT organizations anticipate DevOps evolution in 2019

By Kurt Marko 20 Dec 2018

DevOps shifts around like ice cubes skate across water: quickly and always toward its outer limits. Kurt Marko explores some areas where DevOps will go in 2019. Read More

AWS Lambda alternatives for flexible cloud workloads

By Meredith Courtemanche 16 Aug 2019

Experts share points of comparison for Lambda vs. the competition, and what other options AWS has for elastic computing without the serverless hassle. Read More

VMware multi-cloud management shows room for improvement

By Paul Korzeniowski 28 Jun 2019

Multi-cloud management is on the rise as companies modify services to accommodate changing cloud platforms. VMware is emerging in the cloud management market with its vRealize Suite. Read More

Integration drives Red Hat 3scale API Management platform roadmap

By Jan Stafford 21 May 2018

Red Hat's Steve Willmott discusses the evolution of 3scale and gives advice for organizations looking to prepare for the future of API management. Read More

Cloud experts weigh in on AWS container capabilities

By Alan R. Earls 29 Jul 2019

Learn where AWS container services stand today: what limitations AWS needs to improve upon and where Amazon's container capabilities are headed in the future. Read More

Splunk pricing worries some users amid SignalFx monitoring buy

By Beth Pariseau 22 Aug 2019

Splunk wants to collect more data via SignalFx, but some users wonder how much it will cost to keep up with the proliferation of logs and metrics in the age of cloud monitoring. Read More