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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

What you need to know about Google Cloud Anthos

By Kurt Marko 15 Aug 2019

It's time to learn the foundational concepts of Google Anthos, as well as its seven core components that set it apart from AWS Outposts and Azure Stack. Read More

Ticketmaster unifies DevOps monitoring with Confluent Kafka

By Beth Pariseau 11 Oct 2019

Ticketmaster troubleshoots and secures distributed applications using Kafka stream processing as a central hub for data collection. Read More

F5-Nginx deal reflects mainstream trend toward microservices

By Beth Pariseau 13 Mar 2019

F5 snaps up Nginx for cloud-native app support, and analysts predict a microservices gold rush as modern application architectures catch on in enterprise IT shops. Read More

Global, Load-Balanced Redundant Weather

By Steve Broadhead 09 Nov 2018

I remember long ago, in an unlikely setting for a bleeding-edge test-labs – an old winery surrounded by vines where the only “blood” came from crushed grapes – yes, my old French test labs, where ... Read More

API gateway comparison: Kong vs. Tyk

By Twain Taylor 06 Nov 2019

API gateways help organizations smooth out interactions among microservices. This side-by-side rundown of Kong vs. Tyk will help you choose which tool fits your business' needs. Read More

Is Azure ready to go cloud-native?

By Tim Anderson 05 Nov 2018

We look at the suitability of Microsoft’s Azure platform for deploying cloud-native applications Read More

DevSecOps evolution changes the game for IT ops

By Beth Pariseau 22 May 2019

A DevSecOps shift and a move to public cloud have precipitated a sea change in what's expected of IT ops pros at a mobile video on-demand company. Read More

Users forge ahead with Cloud Foundry-Kubernetes integration

By Beth Pariseau 08 Apr 2019

Complementary roles for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes are clear to IT pros, and the community plans to knit the two more closely together with the Eirini project. Read More

Aqua Security buys CloudSploit, expands into cloud security

By Beth Pariseau 12 Nov 2019

Amid consolidation and chaos in the cloud security market, Aqua snaps up CloudSploit and sets the stage for increased competition with traditional IT security vendors. Read More

Kubernetes policy project takes enterprise IT by storm

By Beth Pariseau 19 Jul 2019

A Kubernetes-friendly compliance as code project hosted by the CNCF has caught on among large enterprises in the first half of 2019, largely through word of mouth. Read More