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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

Kubernetes catches up with operational reality

By Bryan Betts 12 Jul 2019

With Kubernetes now established in many organisations as the container orchestration platform of the future, are cracks already starting to show? Well, not exactly – but if I could pull out one ... Read More

Southeast Asian organisations warm to Anthos

By Aaron Tan 16 Oct 2019

Google Cloud sees pockets of interest in Anthos and could review its pricing strategy as adoption of the multi-cloud management platform grows Read More

Manage microservices in cloud with these native tools

By Kenneth Milberg 05 Oct 2018

AWS, Microsoft and Google all offer native resources and tools to support microservices-based architectures, most of which rely heavily on containers and service mesh technology. Read More

Google Cloud Build puts GCP spin on cloud CI/CD

By Beth Pariseau 27 Jul 2018

Enterprise DevOps shops have yet another cloud CI/CD choice, as well as additional options for managed Kubernetes, function as a service and service mesh. Read More

Red Hat OpenShift Tekton pipelines reflect strategic platform focus

By Beth Pariseau 18 Oct 2019

OpenShift and its competitors now offer enterprises soup-to-nuts DevOps platforms, rather than simple Kubernetes management tools, that are based on different points of strategic lock-in. Read More

How to design APIs for hybrid cloud architecture

By Tom Nolle 26 Jul 2019

Hybrid cloud is complex, particularly because it's the application -- not the server -- that manages API flows. Review some strategies for API management in a hybrid scenario. Read More

3 Kubernetes platforms for your application needs

By Keith Townsend 07 Nov 2019

Admins must consider their application needs when choosing a container strategy and decide between a full PaaS offering built on containers or a fully compliant Kubernetes service. Read More

Unravel asynchronous inter-service communication in microservices

By Joydip Kanjilal 23 Sep 2019

See why microservices need to communicate with each other asynchronously. Then, see how to surmount the challenges of inter-service communication in microservices architecture. Read More

Managed Kubernetes doesn't mean set it and forget it

By Tom Nolle 20 Aug 2019

Don't let the name fool you: Cloud-based managed Kubernetes services still require user management. Here's what IT teams still need to know when deploying on AKS, EKS and GKE. Read More

Google VM, microservices tools advance cloud migration strategy

By Chris Kanaracus 31 Jul 2019

Google wants more enterprise workloads on its cloud, and has launched an Azure VM migration service and other features in pursuit of them. Read More