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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

Could London match Singapore with unsubsidised fibre to the flat?

By Philip Virgo 01 Dec 2015

The question is therefore "How can Local Authorities best work together with suppliers to ensure these are used to meet the needs of those for whom they are responsible at a time when they too must ... Read More

Points to bear in mind when MPs debate broadband, including the digital divide

By Philip Virgo 22 Jun 2015

I therefore hope that the debate will focus on what is happening now needs to happen now and that the Minister's response will cover not just how to get better value from the state aid to BT, but ... Read More

Overcome the cybersecurity skills gap to embrace the digital transformation power of IoT

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy 25 Feb 2019

Securing IoT is critical, but with a major security skills shortage, recruiting talent is challenging to say the least. Fortinet's Jonathan Nguyen-Duy offers insight into finding – or cultivating – ... Read More

IT security predictions for Australian organisations in 2016

By Beverley Head 04 Jan 2016

What IT security challenges should Australian organisations expect in the new year? Read More

JLAB tech startup accelerator opens for 2015 entries

By Kayleigh Bateman 27 Mar 2015

John Lewis 12-week startup programme launched for second year Read More

EE readies rural broadband mesh network in Cumbria

By Cliff Saran 02 Dec 2014

The Cumbrian village of Sebergham will be the first rural community to receive a meshed micro network from EE , due to go live in 2015 Read More

Computing at the edge: A case for cloudlets to enable a 'smart edge'

By Eduardo Krumholz 02 Mar 2017

Learn about cloudlets and their relevance as an enabler of the smart edge, an emerging trend in the internet of things. Read More

BDUK accused of not being “vigilant” in upholding broadband targets

By Clare McDonald 29 Jan 2015

MPs accused BDUK of not being vigilant enough to deliver its own current superfast broadband coverage targets Read More

HPE gives its memory-driven computing initiative another try

By Ed Scannell 22 Jun 2018

HPE has brought its memory-driven computing architecture back into the spotlight, this time with a little help from its friends to meet enterprises' future IT infrastructure needs. Read More

Address network scalability requirements when selecting SD-WAN

By John Burke 21 Jun 2018

Selecting an SD-WAN option that suits business needs can be daunting, but diving into network scalability requirements, like bandwidth needs and the number of sites, is a good start. Read More