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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

IBM opens new cloud data centers to push new apps, services

By Darryl K. Taft 25 Jul 2017

IBM opened four new cloud data centers to expand its global cloud footprint and to better equip users with tools, applications and services, such as containers, for the cloud era. Read More

Cisco: Cloud computing workloads to skyrocket by 2021

By Chuck Moozakis 09 Feb 2018

By 2021, Cisco says, cloud computing workloads will make up the lion's share of data center traffic as enterprises expand security, IoT and other activities in the cloud. Read More

Funding Full Fibre Networks - what if BT cannot afford its share?

By Philip Virgo 03 Feb 2017

How does the UK fund a full fibre infrastructure if BT is unable and/or unwilling to pay the price? Read More

The Budget for Broadband was last year: this year it is time to act

By Philip Virgo 22 Mar 2016

Hence the need for the Digital Policy Alliance exercise to look at the communications infrastructure needs of a "smart society" so that those who are "only going to do this once" can install ... Read More

IoT battery outlook: Types of batteries for IoT devices

By Sharon Shea 31 May 2019

An IoT deployment won't get off the ground without the proper power supply. Learn about the different types of IoT batteries, as well as some newer battery technologies and alternatives. Read More

Government Digital Strategy and universal service obligation offer opportunity for rethink

By Philip Virgo 28 Mar 2016

Almost the only certainty is that Bazalgette was right but we do not have the equivalent of the Great Stink to concentrate the mind of Parliament. In consequence the future will belong to those ... Read More

Data protection company action: Carbonite, Datto make acquisitions

By Paul Crocetti 06 Feb 2017

Data protection companies Carbonite and Datto both made purchases to improve their standing in a needed area: high availability and networking, respectively. Read More

Top enterprise application trends require revamped thinking

By Margie Semilof 28 Nov 2018

Gartner experts revealed the top 10 trends in application architecture they expect to unfold across enterprises within three to five years. Read More

A quick primer on microservices load balancing

By Tom Nolle 30 Oct 2018

Work distribution in microservices is tricky; without the right strategy, you risk that workloads won't scale effectively. Here's how to nail down load balancing for microservices. Read More

Tech execs sound off on 2018 enterprise IT trends

By George Lawton 21 Dec 2017

Eight tech execs dissect the big enterprise IT trends in 2018. Get their takes on AI, microservices, edge computing, IT metrics and customer service in the IoT age. Read More