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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

What are the biggest problems IoT data scientists face?

By Alex Fly 08 Aug 2019

With technology evolving rapidly and IoT growing exponentially, IoT data scientists continue to face challenges. Quickpath's Alex Fly discusses ways for data scientists to face these issues and ... Read More

Ericsson presents large-scale building automation test case for mesh networking

By Jim Katsandres 29 Sep 2017

In a recent white paper, Ericsson tested Bluetooth mesh and its ability to be used in industrial use cases. Learn about the results here. Read More

The convergence of AV and IT

By Rob Bamforth 05 Jan 2017

Developments in both audio visual (AV) and information technology (IT) are leading to a ‘convergence’ of the two sectors. This is similar to what has already happened in other markets once open, ... Read More

Climate hackathon aims to use tech to save the planet

By Clare McDonald 03 Nov 2016

London joins cities around the world to seek technology solutions to tackle climate change and help the environment Read More

How to buy the right cloud WLAN tools for your business

By Andrew Froehlich 17 May 2018

What should you know before buying a cloud WLAN product? Explore the considerations unique to your enterprise and select the cloud-controlled WLAN that's best suited to your needs. Read More

Prime Minister announces consultation next year on a 10 mbps Broadband USO

By Philip Virgo 07 Nov 2015

I hope ...to also see a lot more in the Autumn statement about how it plans to allow market forces to meet the demand for world class broadband across all those parts of the UK where customers are ... Read More

AWS Security Hub centralizes an organization's cloud security view

By Stephen J. Bigelow 07 Mar 2019

AWS Security Hub consolidates an admin's sprawl of cloud assets into dashboards for better security insights. But its resource limitations may blunt its effectiveness, for now. Read More

5G, cloud embolden network outsourcing and ultimate virtualization

By Craig Mathias 14 Jan 2019

Could the cloud, 5G, small cell technology, BYOD and carrier-provisioned networks completely virtualize network infrastructure? Well, maybe not today. Read More

Wired to wireless: The next big change in advanced metering infrastructure and connected societies

By Keith Teichmann 04 Jan 2018

802.11s will allow us to rethink how wireless networks are designed in individual homes and businesses and, eventually, communities and smart grids. Read More

Solve real-world challenges with IoT for smart cities

By Kristen Gloss 15 Oct 2019

IoT devices can improve the quality of life for citizens of smart cities in many ways, whether the devices save lives, manage noise pollution or decrease response time to natural disasters. Read More