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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

VMware service mesh aims to help DevOps with microservices

By Antone Gonsalves 11 Dec 2018

VMware has introduced the NSX Service Mesh. Based on the Istio platform, the VMware service mesh manages traffic between microservices and enforces access policies. Read More

Istio service mesh vies for lead in microservices market

By Beth Pariseau 30 Nov 2018

Istio's integration into Google Cloud will give it momentum, but service mesh competition remains fierce, as HashiCorp Consul makes strong inroads with early adopters. Read More

HashiCorp Consul plays to multi-platform strength with Azure

By Beth Pariseau 11 Sep 2019

HashiCorp's Consul service mesh will be offered as a hosted service on Microsoft Azure, where it can link container clusters along with VMs in multiple regions. Read More

Istio service mesh tradeoffs prompt caution among IT pros

By Beth Pariseau 14 Dec 2018

Istio can boost the security and observability of Kubernetes environments, but some IT pros question whether the perks are worth a steep learning curve. Read More

Service mesh architecture radicalizes container networking

By Beth Pariseau 21 Jun 2018

Containerization is the IT industry's favorite superhero, so it's only fitting that containers have a powerful sidekick in service mesh. Together, they fight network management chaos. Read More

Service mesh amplifies microservice management capabilities

By George Lawton 13 Feb 2018

Kubernetes emerged to help development teams better orchestrate microservices, and now, service mesh stands to help teams more easily handle microservice integration. Read More

Istio service mesh tech boosts Kubernetes' work, with trade-offs

By Alan R. Earls 06 Jul 2018

Why wouldn't IT teams use a tool that enables developers to focus on writing app code and operations to focus on IT resources? For all its benefits, Istio does require a study on pros and cons. Read More

The advantages of service mesh for containers, microservices

By George Lawton 04 Oct 2017

Find out about the challenges and opportunities around creating a new application development stack for containers with the help of service meshes. Read More

Kubernetes networking expands its horizons with service mesh

By Beth Pariseau 21 Dec 2017

Service mesh architectures, such as Istio and Conduit, help enterprise IT ops overcome the performance and reliability challenges posed by container networking. Read More

AWS App Mesh faces tough race in microservices market

By Alan R. Earls 28 Feb 2019

As AWS and its rivals continue to evolve their service mesh technologies, they'll have to do so with enterprise demands, including those for multi-cloud capabilities, top of mind. Read More