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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

Banyan Security wants to help with your conditional access strategy

By Jack Madden 30 Jul 2019

This third-party platform seeks to integrate with your IDaaS, UEM, PKI, and other security tools, providing access that can even be revoked in real time. Read More

Unlock hybrid cloud with this AWS Transit Gateway integration

By George Lawton 28 Aug 2019

AWS Direct Connect should be a much more attractive service for enterprises due to some recent changes. See how these upgrades can simplify your hybrid architecture. Read More

What an impending marriage of IoT and 5G means for the future

By George Lawton 19 Oct 2018

The arrival of 5G promises new architectures for connecting billions of IoT devices and introduces a host of new development challenges for practical applications. Read More

Cisco Webex Edge connects data centers to the cloud

By Jonathan Dame 20 Sep 2018

Cisco Webex Edge could help large companies reduce PSTN costs, while also improving audio and video connectivity through Webex. Read More

Avoid chaos with an IT crisis management playbook

By Brian Kirsch 15 Jul 2019

A minor IT issue can quickly snowball into a major catastrophe without a carefully constructed crisis management plan, but just what details should an organization include? Read More

Experts discuss Java development tooling at JavaOne 2017

By George Lawton 29 Sep 2017

Leading enterprise architects and developers will discuss a variety of improvements to Java development tooling, including container awareness, modularity and Java EE MicroProfile. Read More

Video communications startups Pexip and Videxio to merge

By Jonathan Dame 09 Oct 2018

The merger of startups Pexip and Videxio will give service providers and enterprises a one-stop shop for video conferencing software, analysts said. Read More

Does a containers-as-a-service platform support governance?

By Twain Taylor 15 Sep 2017

The introduction of containers can certainly complicate governance, especially when working with microservices. Here's how a containers-as-a-service platform can help. Read More

JLab 2017 retail startups describe tackling retail’s biggest challenges

By Clare McDonald 13 Oct 2017

This year’s cohort of retail startups in the JLab accelerator describe the retail challenges their businesses face and how the 2017 JLab differs from the rest Read More

Anomaly detection methods unleash microservices performance

By Kurt Marko 10 Sep 2018

When distributed applications run in containers, admins suddenly have a whirlwind of metrics to track instead of just a short list. These methods reach into the heart of the task. Read More