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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

Kubernetes TLS tweaks whet user appetite for easier management

By Beth Pariseau 02 Oct 2018

Kubernetes TLS bootstrap improvements in version 1.12 tackle container management complexity, and users hope there's more where that came from. Read More

Top 5 nontechnical skills for cloud computing success

By David Linthicum 19 Sep 2019

Companies that move to the cloud need a staff with a strong technical background, but soft skills are important too. Review five non-tech skills needed for a successful cloud initiative. Read More

Want the new Google hybrid cloud? You'll need a middleman

By Trevor Jones 27 Jul 2018

The much ballyhooed Google hybrid cloud architecture earned plaudits for its unique approach, but what didn't get much attention was who will sell and manage it on-premises. Spoiler alert: it's not ... Read More

Expect more container evolution, growth in 2019

By Tom Nolle 17 Dec 2018

Containerization shows no sign of winding down. With technologies, product options and providers focused on technological improvement, container ecosystems will develop rapidly in the coming year. Read More

How to find the right mobility strategy for your SME

By Rene Millman 03 Apr 2018

Small businesses still need a strategy to make the most of mobility, so what should business owners look out for? Read More

Nomad vs. Kubernetes talk prompts HashiCorp managed service plan

By Beth Pariseau 25 Oct 2018

HashiCorp's founders say Nomad and Kubernetes are not mutually exclusive, but the company will launch a Nomad managed service to match cloud providers' turnkey Kubernetes services. Read More

OpenText-Google partnership expands due to Anthos

By Don Fluckinger 09 Jul 2019

OpenText invests heavily to support Google Cloud migrations in the wake of Google Anthos container environment introduction earlier this year. Read More

Addressing the Digital Infrastructure Skills Crisis

By Philip Virgo 26 Jun 2018

Most of the skills in short supply can be acquired and assessed within days or weeks provided employers and those in their supply chains come together to agree standards and organise co-operation ... Read More

AIOps wars heat up with New Relic-SignifAI deal

By Beth Pariseau 07 Feb 2019

An already heated struggle between DevOps monitoring vendors becomes an all-out rumble, as New Relic acquires SignifAI and ups the AIOps ante for rivals. Read More

Harnessing hybrid deployment

12 Dec 2017

Computer Weekly explores how the success of hybrid deployment hinges on the network Read More