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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

The 2 fundamental approaches to hybrid cloud integration

By Tom Nolle 30 Jan 2019

Organizations that want to create a hybrid cloud environment need to develop a strategy. Consider these two approaches. Read More

Container hosting requires in-depth service network plans

By Tom Nolle 22 Oct 2018

Microservices and containers complement each other with scalability and flexibility. But they can also compound network addressing problems in production without proper precautions. Read More

Third-party partners fill gaps in AWS' multi-cloud support

By David Linthicum 30 Nov 2018

Even if AWS lags behind Microsoft and Google on its public embrace of multi-cloud, there are tools and services available for users who want to go that route. Read More

Internet of things challenges in storage and data

By Chris Evans 18 Oct 2018

The internet of things (IoT) brings challenges, with a host of new edge devices and data. We look at edge and core processing, compliance and information lifecycle management in IoT Read More

Compare tools for multi-cloud Kubernetes management

By Tom Nolle 18 Feb 2019

For IT teams that need to manage Kubernetes deployments that span multiple cloud platforms, here are seven tools intended to simplify that process. Read More

Adjust IT team dynamics for a cloud-native approach

By Aymen El Amri 12 Feb 2019

As enterprises set their cloud-native strategy, they'll need to navigate major changes -- both from a technical standpoint and in terms of IT team structure and management style. Read More

5 key management practices for a hybrid cloud architecture

By Twain Taylor 20 Mar 2019

Workload bottlenecks easily arise between legacy and modern apps in a hybrid cloud. Coordinate integration with these five steps to prep a microservices application for hybrid cloud. Read More

AWS managed Kubernetes service intrigues, vexes IT pros

By David Carty 25 Jul 2018

Amazon EKS generated curiosity among attendees at the AWS Summit in New York. But AWS' long-term container plans could change and alter how it packages the service to users. Read More

Kubernetes consulting: Helping with the basics, security issues

By John Moore 09 Jul 2018

The Kubernetes container management system has become a source of growing consulting opportunities for IT service providers such as Accenture and Sapient Consulting. Read More