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Definitionservice mesh

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication over a...Read More

5 steps to evaluate and perform a service mesh implementation

By Kurt Marko 11 Nov 2019

Service mesh adoption is a long process that starts with careful evaluation of the technology and its deployment models. And that requires the involvement of both IT ops and dev teams. Read More

Compare Linkerd vs. Istio for service mesh technology

By Tom Nolle 29 Jul 2019

To decide between Istio and Linkerd for a service mesh platform, consider everything from performance and ease of use to support from major public cloud providers. Read More

Istio service mesh hits OpenShift GA, but upgrades are slow

By Beth Pariseau 22 Aug 2019

Istio service mesh, Kiali and Jaeger are generally available for Red Hat OpenShift 4, but it will be some time before users are ready for the latest version of the platform. Read More

How is service mesh architecture different from SDN and NFV?

By Lee Doyle 22 May 2019

Service mesh separates itself from SDN and NFV approaches with its clear focus on managing the communication and forwarding between multiple microservices. Read More

Evaluate the benefits, drawbacks of service mesh technologies

By Kurt Marko 15 Apr 2019

Will service mesh eliminate communications complexity between microservices or prove too complicated? Weigh the pros and cons of service mesh technologies as their popularity rises. Read More

Service Mesh: what is it, where are we... and where are we going?

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Feb 2019

This is a contributed post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Ranga Rajagopalan is his capacity as CTO and co-founder of Avi Networks. Avi Networks is known for its Intelligent ... Read More

Container security tools pitch service mesh integrations

By Beth Pariseau 14 Feb 2019

Container defense in depth is a hot topic, and some IT pros approach it with a combination of third-party container security tools and service mesh security features. Read More

How AWS, Azure and Google approach service mesh technology

By Tom Nolle 08 Jan 2019

While AWS, Azure and Google all offer service mesh technologies to streamline microservices management, they also have distinct differences users should understand. Read More

Linkerd vs. Istio fray dominates service mesh battle

By Beth Pariseau 14 Feb 2019

Linkerd's maintainers admit it has a narrower range of features than buzz machine Istio. But after failed attempts to set up Istio, some early adopters believe less is more. Read More

What is a service mesh, and how does it relate to networking?

By Lee Doyle 19 Dec 2018

A service mesh can ease the deployment of microservices and container-based applications, while supporting the delivery of network services, like load balancing and authentication. Read More