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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

BT announces “unhackable” quantum-secured network

By Warwick Ashford 12 Jun 2018

In the face of the threat that quantum computers could crack many of the encryption methods used to protect highly sensitive data, BT has developed a “quantum-secured” network Read More

Tech firms back UK in spite of Brexit

By Angelica Mari 11 Jun 2019

Theresa May announces funding to boost development of quantum technologies, as well as a tech competitiveness study, as sector companies pledge to invest further in the country Read More

Quantum is revolutionary, but UK must fix funding

By Cliff Saran 17 Jul 2018

Quantum sensing could replace GPS navigation, and cut the cost of major building projects. But industry needs to work with academia to prototype quantum technologies Read More

Security community urged to prepare for quantum computing

By Warwick Ashford 30 May 2018

A top European chief information security officer is urging the security community to prepare for quantum computing to ensure their encryption processes are ready in time Read More

Gartner breaks down the state of quantum computing technology

By Brian Holak 31 Oct 2018

Gartner believes CIOs should prepare for quantum computing. When is it coming, what impact will it have and what do CIOs need to know? Gartner's David Cearley breaks it down. Read More

Quantum CEO ready to acquire to expand StorNext

By Dave Raffo 22 Oct 2018

Jamie Lerner’s first 90 days as Quantum CEO confirmed the idea he had about the company when he took over. Discussions with customers convinced Lerner that Quantum’s greatest strength and greatest ... Read More

McAfee: When quantum computing threats strike, we won't know it

By Rob Wright 20 Dec 2018

Quantum computing systems may not be powerful enough to break current encryption protocols, but McAfee CTO Steve Grobman says it will be tough to tell when that day arrives. Read More

IBM quantum computing system, apps lab seek commercial users

By Ed Scannell 10 Jan 2019

IBM finally introduced its first integrated quantum computer that is designed for commercial accounts. But the emergence of commercial apps may take some time. Read More

Quantum computing applications creep forward

By Jack Vaughan 14 Jun 2018

Tech vendors and users are moving forward on quantum computing tools and research. While still futuristic, developments bear watching, Forrester's Brian Hopkins says. Read More

In-vehicle mobile data storage is Quantum's next target

By Johnny Yu 19 Nov 2018

Quantum Mobile Storage is designed to capture vehicle data from self-driving cars and easily offload it to a Quantum StorNext appliance. It's built to handle harsh, mobile environments. Read More