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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Western Digital adds StorReduce deduplication to object storage

By Christophe Bardy 29 Mar 2018

US hardware giant Western Digital links up with StorReduce to provide data deduplication for object storage that combines WD ActiveScale scale-out appliances with the startup’s dedupe software Read More

1000 stories on CWDN, a thank you

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Oct 2017

This is the 1000th post on the Computer Weekly Developer Network in its seven year of existence. It would have been inappropriate not to thank all the firms and their representative communications ... Read More

Top 10 CIO interviews of 2017

By Bryan Glick 28 Dec 2017

IT leaders from across the UK and Europe shared their plans, strategies and best practice advice with Computer Weekly Read More

The future of quantum IT

By John-Paul Kamath 23 Jul 2008

The word "quantum" can conjure images of scientists working on technology that will one day allow time travel, or, at the very least, permit travel to alternate...

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Agribusiness digs into turnover and costs with HR analytics tools

By Dan Ring 22 Nov 2016

CGB Enterprises analyzes turnover with Quantum Workplace exit surveys, assures fair pay with ADP benchmarking and mines performance metrics with Visier Workforce Analytics. Read More

AI and other tech key to post-Brexit success, says Matt Hancock

By Warwick Ashford 27 Jun 2018

Digital secretary Matt Hancock highlights the importance of emerging technologies to the future of the UK at the opening of London’s cyber security innovation centre Read More

Computing curriculum shake-up can’t happen in a single five-year parliamentary term, says panel

By Clare McDonald 24 May 2018

At the launch of Ocado Technology’s AI:MMO educational game, a panel of experts said the computing curriculum needs an overhaul, but this cannot be achieved in a single government term of office Read More

Quantum Lattus disk archive with object storage released

By Sonia Lelii 13 Nov 2012

The Quantum Lattus disk archive system incorporates object storage through an OEM deal with Amplidata, and supports a minimum of 500 TB for big data apps. Read More

Martin Casado on OpenStack Quantum and what's next in cloud networking

By Shamus McGillicuddy 12 Nov 2012

In this Q&A with Nicira co-founder Martin Casado, we explore the implications of OpenStack Quantum and the future of cloud networking orchestration. Read More

Quantum StorNext appliance line grows

By Sonia Lelii 12 Sep 2011

The Quantum StorNext appliance family is adding more products, and targeting Big Data sets with new, pre-configured gateways and data storage subsystems for primary disk. Read More