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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Budget 2018: No great leap forward for broadband, but no need to panic

By Alex Scroxton 30 Oct 2018

The chancellor set aside £1.6bn for digital technology in the Budget, but broadband services did not draw much attention. Is this a surprise, or a reflection of growing commercial investment in full-fibre, and what... Read More

Top IT predictions in APAC in 2019

By Aaron Tan 19 Nov 2018

Edge computing, data management and microservices will play a bigger role in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019 as enterprises reshape their technology architectures to become ‘digitally determined’ organisations Read More

Australia needs better cloud and data management capabilities

By Beverley Head 08 Nov 2018

Use of cloud services is soaring in Australia, but a lack of cloud management skills is holding back enterprises from reaping the full benefits of the technology Read More

Quantum queues up cloud file sharing technology from Symform

By Dave Raffo 11 Aug 2014

Quantum added cloud services and file sync and share technology through its acquisition of Symform last week. The interesting part will be to see how it implements these technologies with its ... Read More

GeoSpock CTO: GPUs are ‘no silver bullet’

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Aug 2018

The Computer Weekly Open Source Insider blog ran a story this June 2018 detailing work carried out by large-scale interactive geospatial analytics company MapD and its work to provide a higher ... Read More

Quantum still idling with DXi disk

By Dave Raffo 02 Aug 2013

The DXi data deduplication disk system still isn’t working out for Quantum as planned. The DXi platform and StorNext archiving software are the main pillars in Quantum’s strategy to become a ... Read More

Is IBM relevant to today’s mainstream?

By Dale Vile 16 Aug 2018

When IT vendors talk about the market, they tend to focus on how they would like the world to be rather than how it actually is. This often means they fail to connect as well as they could with the ... Read More

AI hardware demands drive biggest server, chip deals in 2019

By Ed Scannell 26 Jul 2019

Many top-tier server hardware suppliers redoubled their efforts to deliver products such as supercomputers to capture a piece of the AI and machine learning hardware market. Read More

Innovate Finance Global Summit gets fintech ready for adulthood

By Karl Flinders 20 Mar 2018

Fintech is coming of age and faces all the challenges that growing up entails Read More

Can quantum key distribution improve smartphone and tablet security?

By Michael Cobb 13 Oct 2014

Application security expert Michael Cobb explains how quantum key distribution works, and whether it is a viable method of improving the security of smartphones and tablets. Read More