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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

IBM’s APAC CEO talks up next chapter of cloud adoption

By Aaron Tan 12 Mar 2019

In the next phase of cloud adoption, enterprises will need to manage multiple cloud environments, as well as data to scale up their use of artificial intelligence technology Read More

Quantum expects video to fast-forward StorNext adoption

By Dave Raffo 31 Oct 2014

Quantum turned a small profit last quarter, and its CEO said he is confident the vendor has turned the corner thanks to its StorNext technology. Quantum’s $135.1 million revenue was at the high end ... Read More

Quantum cryptography tutorial: Is quantum key distribution realistic?

09 May 2011

In this Royal Holloway MSc thesis, Sheila Cobourne and Dr. Carlos Cid explore the viability of quantum key distribution for enterprise use. Read More

Industry and government must collaborate to drive the digital economy, says techUK CEO

By Lis Evenstad 18 Oct 2018

Industry and government must work together to grow use of technology across the UK economy, according to techUK CEO Julian David Read More

Quantum hopes StorNext gains can outscale tape woes

By Dave Raffo 02 Feb 2015

Quantum had a rough quarter revenue-wise to end 2014 because of poor tape sales, but its prospects are looking up in other areas. StorNext scale-out file system sales increased 77 percent ... Read More

UK cryptocurrency exchange enlists Rackspace for Microsoft Azure cloud move

By Caroline Donnelly 21 Aug 2018

London Block Exchange taps up Rackspace to assist with two-month Microsoft Azure migration as it sets about shoring up its platform against demand spikes Read More

Quantum drops revenue, gains 'viability'

By Dave Raffo 25 Oct 2013

Although Quantum’s revenue declined over last year, CEO Jon Gacek said the backup vendor is in much better shape than it was 12 months ago. Quantum this week reported revenue of $131.4 million, ... Read More

Quantum StorNext adds Q-Cloud as AWS archiving tier

By Dave Raffo 28 Jan 2015

Built into its StorNext file system, Quantum's Q-Cloud Archive and Vault use Amazon Web Services for active archiving and cold-storage tiering. Read More

A glimpse into the future of AI enterprise applications

By Pam Baker 06 Jun 2019

Hands-on experience building bots on the Azure cloud and briefings from Microsoft experts show that the future of AI is here, and it's more user-friendly than you might expect. Read More

AI's carbon footprint will be an issue for enterprises

By George Lawton 26 Jun 2019

AI is touted as the tech that will help us combat global warming, but training AI models requires a shocking amount of energy. What are the implications for enterprise AI strategies? Read More