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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Scale-out NAS hits the spot for large datasets, AI and machine learning

By Eric Ebert 03 Sep 2019

Despite the rise of cloud and object storage, scale-out NAS is a key choice for the big datasets increasingly prevalent in artificial intelligence and machine learning scenarios Read More

Dutch privacy watchdog tells banks not to use customer payment data for marketing

By Karl Flinders 11 Jul 2019

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens tells banks to respect client privacy and not to market products based on spending data Read More

Prime minister to launch fast-tracked visas for skilled workers

By Clare McDonald 09 Aug 2019

Prime minister Boris Johnson has urged government departments to work on a new fast-tracked visa for those skilled in sciences, and may scrap other visa caps to attract top talent Read More

The next stage in quantum key distribution

By Peter Ray Allison 07 Dec 2015

Authentication schemes based on quantum physics are emerging to address the growing number of ways to compromise data traffic Read More

Executive interview: George Yianni, head of technology, Philips Hue

By Cliff Saran 27 Jun 2019

In 2007, Wi-Fi required dongles, Bluetooth was for streaming music and smart lights didn’t exist in people’s homes – but then George Yianni had an idea Read More

Will the $34bn IBM-Red Hat mega-merger succeed?

13 Nov 2018

In this week’s Computer Weekly, after IBM pays $34bn to buy open source specialist Red Hat in an attempt to boost its cloud capabilities, we analyse whether the deal can be a success. We examine the challenges that... Read More

Lapse in LinkedIn security certificate update

By Warwick Ashford 23 May 2019

A lapse in the update of LinkedIn’s security certificate has once again underlined the importance of keeping track to avoid disruptions and phishing attacks, and how even big players are failing to get it right Read More

RSA Security bets on digital risk management

By Warwick Ashford 04 Mar 2019

RSA Security chief predicts that managing digital risk is set to become increasingly important to organisations as they complete their journeys to digital transformation Read More

StorNext sales help Quantum scale revenue

By Dave Raffo 28 Oct 2016

With its StorNext revenue rising while data protection sales remained flat, Quantum achieved its second straight growth period last quarter. The StorNext file system is at the heart of Quantum’s ... Read More

One quantum leap for IBM, one small step for IT

By Ed Scannell 15 Mar 2017

After cooking for more than three decades in its research laboratories, Big Blue has served up an appetizer of its quantum computing efforts, to give the IT world its first taste of what ... Read More