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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Researchers race for quantum AI as quantum computing advances

By George Lawton 15 Mar 2019

Machine learning is likely to be an early application of quantum computers, as researchers and developers look for the key to a more human-like artificial intelligence. Read More

Prepare now for quantum computers, QKD and post-quantum encryption

By Peter Ray Allison 27 Sep 2018

The predicted processing power of quantum computers is likely to make existing encryption algorithms obsolete. Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a possible solution - we investigate whether QKD is viable Read More

Australia races towards commercial quantum computing

By Beverley Head 05 Dec 2018

Universities make headway in the challenge of commercialising quantum computing Read More

IBM quantum computing may arrive sooner than expected

By Ed Scannell 13 Mar 2019

If IBM continues doubling the performance of its quantum computers, as recent benchmarks indicate, it could deliver the first commercial system in the next three to five years. Read More

UK can do more to explore potential of quantum tech

By Alex Scroxton 05 Dec 2018

The government has been urged to address use cases, security and skills, and proposed a series of new innovation centres, to enable the UK to fully capture the opportunity presented by quantum technology Read More

Start preparing for post-quantum data protection

By Warwick Ashford 06 Nov 2018

Organisations that need to retain sensitive information for long periods of time need to start preparing for the post-quantum era, according to an IBM security architect Read More

IBM quantum computer roadmap moves full speed ahead

By Ed Scannell 08 Mar 2019

With IBM releasing its latest benchmark, the company's quantum computer appears to be consistently, if not slowly marching toward commercial reality. Read More

Quantum backup appliance portfolio grows by two

By Johnny Yu 14 Jan 2019

The Quantum backup appliance lineup gets refreshed with the addition of the DXi4800 and DXi9000 series. But the vendor is staying away from integrated appliances at the moment. Read More

IBM touts quantum to build AI applications

By Darryl K. Taft 11 Jan 2019

Though quantum computing is still in its early phase, IBM developed technology to help organizations build quantum apps, particularly AI programs. Read More

How NIST is preparing to defend against quantum attacks

By Michael Cobb 10 Jan 2019

The NSA has begun the transition from ECC to new algorithms to resist quantum attacks. Learn about the threat posed by quantum computing from expert Michael Cobb. Read More