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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Taking the quantum leap: What is quantum technology for business?

By Paul Martin 22 May 2018

Quantum computers are many years away, but the first applications of quantum technology will arrive in only one or two years – so businesses need to be ready Read More

BT announces “unhackable” quantum-secured network

By Warwick Ashford 12 Jun 2018

In the face of the threat that quantum computers could crack many of the encryption methods used to protect highly sensitive data, BT has developed a “quantum-secured” network Read More

Security community urged to prepare for quantum computing

By Warwick Ashford 30 May 2018

A top European chief information security officer is urging the security community to prepare for quantum computing to ensure their encryption processes are ready in time Read More

Quantum computing applications creep forward

By Jack Vaughan 14 Jun 2018

Tech vendors and users are moving forward on quantum computing tools and research. While still futuristic, developments bear watching, Forrester's Brian Hopkins says. Read More

Microsoft predicts five-year wait for quantum computing in Azure

By Cliff Saran 09 May 2018

Industry experts predict it will take 10 years for quantum computing to become a reality, but Microsoft believes it has the research edge, with systems, software and technology to get there in five Read More

Enterprise data encryption: Preparing for a post-quantum future

By Mekhala Roy 29 May 2018

With the race toward quantum computing underway, interest in post-quantum encryption is growing. ISACA's Rob Clyde explains how CIOs and CISOs can get up to speed. Read More

The time to think about post-quantum cryptography is now

By Nicole Laskowski 29 May 2018

Rob Clyde, chairman-elect of ISACA's board of directors, worries a lot about the world according to qubits. He explains why here -- and why post-quantum cryptography should matter to CIOs. Read More

Why this quantum computing breakthrough is a security risk

By Bob Reselman 12 Feb 2018

Quantum computing will void pretty much all security encryption techniques and open the door to hackers. Here's how to protect your data when it does. Read More

Quantum computing drives the future for Volkswagen

30 May 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, Volkswagen’s global CIO explains how the car giant is using quantum computing to drive the future of transport. We examine how to make data analytics programmes work and deliver ... Read More