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Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete ...Read More

Singtel and NUS claim quantum breakthrough

By Aaron Tan 16 Apr 2019

Researchers from Singtel and the National University of Singapore have succeeded in coordinating the paths of photons across a fibre network to drive wider adoption of quantum key distribution Read More

Kony Quantum in ‘super position’ for Microsoft Azure

By Adrian Bridgwater 24 Apr 2019

Kony is a company we’re getting to know faster than we expected. The organization works in digital experience development platforms and the emerging low-code platform market; it also has a ... Read More

Researchers race for quantum AI as quantum computing advances

By George Lawton 15 Mar 2019

Machine learning is likely to be an early application of quantum computers, as researchers and developers look for the key to a more human-like artificial intelligence. Read More

V.Pharma swaps Data Domain for Quantum and cuts backup costs

By Yann Serra 22 May 2019

Belgian pharmacy’s Data Domains had reached end-of-life and it wanted to remain in-budget. Quantum DXi worked out a lot cheaper and easy to manage, with good support Read More

IBM demos quantum leap in artificial intelligence

By Cliff Saran 20 Mar 2019

Working with MIT and Oxford university, the researchers have looked at how quantum computing can accelerate data classification in machine learning Read More

Middle East countries accelerate quantum computing research

By Alicia Buller 29 Mar 2019

Gulf countries must invest in quantum computing research to ensure they continue to to remain digital pioneers Read More

BT switches on quantum network link at Adastral Park

By Alex Scroxton 26 Mar 2019

BT has opened its quantum network link between its Adastral Park research base and the UK Quantum Network node at the University of Cambridge Read More

5 quick quantum computing terms to learn

By Jessica Lulka 29 Apr 2019

Quantum computers use atomic physics to complete extensive calculations in one minute, but you might not be familiar with some quantum computing terms. This guide offers a primer. Read More

With atoms and lasers, IonQ makes a quantum computing leap

By Ed Scannell 15 May 2019

Startup IonQ is taking a decidedly sci-fi approach to quantum computing, using atoms to store information, along with sophisticated lasers to retrieve and process that data. Read More

Prepare now for quantum computers, QKD and post-quantum encryption

By Peter Ray Allison 27 Sep 2018

The predicted processing power of quantum computers is likely to make existing encryption algorithms obsolete. Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a possible solution - we investigate whether QKD is viable Read More