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Password practices still poor despite increased threats

By Warwick Ashford 01 May 2018

Despite growing cyber threats and heightened global awareness of hacking and data breaches, password behaviours remain poor and UK users are in denial, a study has revealed Read More

Lewisham GP practices to get virtual health assistant app

By Lis Evenstad 03 May 2018

Thirty-eight GP practices in London borough plan to launch app that includes advice, symptom checker and appointment booking Read More

EC calls on online platforms to develop common code of practice to tackle ‘disinformation’

By Lis Evenstad 26 Apr 2018

The European Commission says online platforms such as social media and video sites, have not done enough to tackle unethical use, and calls on them “to decisively step up their efforts to tackle online ... Read More

Best practices for sizing a server

By Jim O'Reilly 19 Apr 2018

Serving sizing requires a number of comparisons, especially between having a few large servers or many popcorn servers. Compare use cases to find what fits. Read More

Security Think Tank: Use good practice to address cryptojacking risk

By Simon Persin 19 Apr 2018

How can organisations best defend against cryptojacking? Read More

Manage KVM at scale with these best practices

By Stuart Burns 11 May 2018

KVM management is easy when VM density is low, but managing hundreds or thousands of VMs can present a challenge. Plan ahead, configure the right drivers and optimize for scale. Read More

Don't overlook these practices in software modernization

By Jan Stafford 14 Mar 2018

During app modernization projects, teams commonly overlook basic goals, processes and tools, which can sully app launches as a result. Read More

CCSP Practice Exam and Study Guides

30 Apr 2018

Studying for, obtaining and maintaining your CCSP® certification has now become more convenient with SearchCloudSecurity.com. Read More

Brush up on microservices architecture best practices

10 Apr 2018

Addressing the performance issues of microservice architectures can be quite challenging. Yet, using the right tools or practices at the right time and place will give you a boost. Read More

Safer Internet Day: Building online safety practices with young people

By Julian David 05 Feb 2018

Many organisations around the UK are contributing to the important work on making the internet a safer place for everyone Read More