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DefinitionPatch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday is the unofficial name of Microsoft's scheduled release of the newest security fixes for ...Read More

April Patch Tuesday closes 2 zero-day exploits

By Tom Walat 09 Apr 2019

In addition to Microsoft's fixes, administrators should patch holes in several Adobe products to keep attackers from creating havoc in their systems. Read More

May Patch Tuesday fixes zero-day, new Intel CPU bugs

By Tom Walat 14 May 2019

Microsoft fixed 23 critical vulnerabilities in its latest monthly security updates, as well as patches for supported and unsupported Windows systems to ward off a worm that has the potential to be the next WannaCry. Read More

March Patch Tuesday shuts down two zero-day exploits

By Kristen Gloss 12 Mar 2019

In addition to the March Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft's attempts at improving performance following Spectre variant 2 patches backfire for some users on Windows 10. Read More

Microsoft zero-day vulnerability closed on Patch Tuesday

By Kristen Gloss 12 Feb 2019

Administrators should prioritize patching systems affected by a zero-day vulnerability resolved by the February Patch Tuesday updates. Read More

Light January Patch Tuesday follows IE out-of-band security update

By Kristen Gloss 08 Jan 2019

Administrators should prioritize an out-of-band patch that addresses an Internet Explorer zero-day before tackling the 47 vulnerabilities corrected by the January Patch Tuesday fixes. Read More

Stay informed about Microsoft security patches in 2019

By Kristen Gloss 17 May 2019

Administrators can get up-to-date information about Microsoft security updates and expert advice on patch prioritization to ensure a smooth Patch Tuesday process all year long in this guide. Read More

Windows zero-day fix highlights November Patch Tuesday

By Kristen Gloss 13 Nov 2018

In addition to the November Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft offered assistance to combat a new side-channel attack and rereleased a Windows 10 update and Windows Server 2019. Read More

October Patch Tuesday grounds JET Database Engine flaw

By Kristen Gloss 09 Oct 2018

Administrators have a relatively light workload for October Patch Tuesday, but IT workers should pay attention to multiple workstation fixes and issues with older patches. Read More

Microsoft shuts down zero-day exploit on September Patch Tuesday

By Kristen Gloss 11 Sep 2018

Administrators should prioritize patching systems affected by four public disclosures resolved by the Patch Tuesday updates. Read More

July Patch Tuesday brings three public disclosures

By Kristen Gloss 10 Jul 2018

Microsoft resolved three public disclosures and updated its Spectre and Meltdown advisory this July Patch Tuesday. In total, Microsoft addressed about 54 vulnerabilities. Read More