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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

Early Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers take its measure

By Chris Kanaracus 18 Sep 2019

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is seeing early adoption from a diverse array of customers, although OCI's market share remains modest compared to AWS, Microsoft and Google. Read More

Latest Oracle layoffs gut flash storage division

By Carol Sliwa 20 Aug 2019

Oracle laid off much of the division that built and maintained its FS1 All Flash Storage Array this week. Analysts expect the company’s storage focus will be on Exadata and cloud options. Read More

Oracle CDP coming in CX Unity, along with video cloud

By Don Fluckinger 12 Sep 2019

Oracle goes after Adobe and other CX platform vendors with new CDP-oriented sales, marketing, e-commerce and service hub, and adds a video platform to CX Unity. Read More

Oracle IaaS strategy pivots to specialization

By Chris Kanaracus 20 Jun 2019

Oracle probably won't get out of the public IaaS market entirely, but it seems clear that specialization is its goal, not head-to-head challenges to AWS, Microsoft and Google. Read More

Oracle, Microsoft forge cloud pact

By Chris Kanaracus 05 Jun 2019

Once bitter arch rivals, Oracle and Microsoft have formed an alliance around cloud interoperability, which is good for customers and both vendors. Read More

Oracle CX Unity goes live, adds voice to digital assistant

By Don Fluckinger 17 Sep 2019

As Oracle CX Unity arrives, analysts debate whether it will be an upsell to current Oracle customers, or a challenger to Adobe, Salesforce and SAP CX platforms. Read More

How to connect to a pluggable database in Oracle Multitenant

By Brian Peasland 23 May 2019

Once you've created pluggable databases in an Oracle Multitenant system, the next step is to connect applications to them so they can be used. Here's how to do that. Read More

How to create Oracle Multitenant database user accounts

By Brian Peasland 19 Jun 2019

Database administrator Brian Peasland outlines the process of creating users in an Oracle Multitenant environment and details new views in the Oracle data dictionary. Read More

Oracle bullish on growth in ASEAN

By Aaron Tan 24 Oct 2018

Enterprise technology juggernaut Oracle claims traction in cloud applications and growing interest in its cloud-based autonomous database service in Southeast Asia Read More

Oracle LEFT JOIN vs. LEFT OUTER JOIN: What's the difference?

By Lindsay Moore ,Lauren Soucy 31 Jul 2019

Get an explanation of the different types of Oracle joins, including whether there's really a difference between the LEFT JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN syntax in PL/SQL. Read More