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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

APL Logistics fast-tracks global shipments with cloud

By Ai Lei Tao 07 Apr 2019

The Singapore-based supply chain firm has moved its transport management system and other business applications to the cloud, while keeping its ‘secret sauce’ on-premise Read More

Evolution in action: The changing face of the datacentre

By Daniel Robinson 02 Jul 2019

The role datacentres play in the wider enterprise IT landscape is changing, fuelling the demand for a mix of different types of facilities that are capable of meeting the growing variety of enterprise ... Read More

Oracle chosen as provider of shared ERP system for colleges

By Patrick Thibodeau 15 Jan 2018

Private, nonprofit colleges are discovering they can reduce back-office IT costs by working together. Novel approaches are emerging to reduce the financial drain of ERP systems. Read More

AI-for-IT-operations tools map Vegas systems to Oracle ERP

By Jack Vaughan 03 May 2018

Mapping IoT activity and other IT data to Oracle ERP is the task Las Vegas set for FixStream's AIOps platform in an effort to quickly find the source of IT problems. Read More

Oracle expands Cloud at Customer, adds 1,000 cloud sales Emea staff

By Brian McKenna 19 Jul 2017

Supplier adds SaaS elements to hybrid cloud service and aims to recruit 1,000 staff in Emea to accelerate cloud business Read More

Single source ERP fails to match business needs

By Cliff Saran 15 Apr 2019

There was a time when the major ERP providers were considered allies of the CIO. They were trusted advisors. From an IT decision-maker perspective, ERP software aimed to encapsulate best-in-class ... Read More

Oracle 18c features give DBAs incremental database capabilities

By Brian Peasland 30 Apr 2018

Oracle Database 18c is really another version of 12c Release 2 with a different name. It doesn't contain major new features, but it does expand functionality in various areas. Read More

Demand for systems integration services soaring in New Zealand

By Aaron Tan 22 May 2019

Systems integration and custom application development projects contributed to the fastest-growing segment of New Zealand’s IT services market in 2018 Read More

House of Fraser drops Oracle support to invest in multi-channel retail

By Cliff Saran 11 Apr 2017

IT departments need to cut costs to reinvest in new projects. House of Fraser has a multi-channel strategy and Oracle support wasn’t strategic Read More

GoCardless migrates to cloud and gets Google engineering capability

By Karl Flinders 22 May 2019

Fintech has moved from an IBM infrastructure as a service to Google’s cloud platform Read More