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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

US judge dismisses challenge over Department of Defense mega-cloud contract

By Karl Flinders 15 Jul 2019

The US Department of Defense looks set to award a $10bn cloud contract after a legal challenge to the procurement process failed Read More

Oracle encouraging partners to develop IP

By Simon Quicke 09 May 2018

The vendor's UK channel chief is encouraging partners to add their own 'secret sauce' to its cloud portfolio Read More

How Oracle DBA responsibilities change with Autonomous Database

By Robert Sheldon 02 Jul 2018

Oracle's Autonomous Database automates basic tasks of database administrators. That may put some DBA jobs at risk, but many will shift to higher-level duties. Read More

The $10bn question: Why is the US government’s JEDI cloud contract taking so long to award?

By Caroline Donnelly 07 Aug 2019

The announcement of who has won the US government’s controversial $10bn, decade-long cloud contract is nearly 12 months overdue. So what’s holding it up? Read More

Oracle Mobile Cloud helps place privacy engine on cloud

By Jack Vaughan 03 Oct 2018

For Virtual Artifacts, the decision to go with Oracle's cloud was tipped by Oracle Mobile Cloud and a related bot platform -- and the self-driving Autonomous Database. Read More

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud gets transaction processing

By Craig Stedman 09 Aug 2018

Oracle launched a transaction processing version of Autonomous Database, a cloud-based platform that automates configuration and management of Oracle databases. Read More

Oracle draws curtains on OmniOS

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Apr 2017

With its openly stated operational remit of 'aggressive acquisitions' (albeit positively aggressive), Oracle is (very) arguably a firm known for buying, swallowing, acquiring those companies it ... Read More

How Oracle tackles licensing discrepancies

By Cliff Saran 19 Apr 2017

The recent publication of court filings from a licence dispute case shows a catalogue of 'damaging' techniques the supplier used following an audit Read More

Singapore’s Redmart finds speed and agility with cloud ERP

By Aaron Tan 12 Nov 2018

Online grocer has slashed the time it takes to close the books from more than a week to just three days with Oracle’s cloud-based financial application Read More

AWS fleshes out cloud database proposition, while taking aim at Oracle

By Caroline Donnelly 30 Nov 2017

The second-day Re:Invent keynote saw AWS lift the veil on 22 new cloud products and services, and aim a few more jabs at Oracle's database proposition Read More