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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

Australian government turns to Rimini Street for software support

By Aaron Tan 29 Jan 2019

A slew of Australian government agencies have switched out SAP and Oracle maintenance contracts for third-party support services Read More

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 news, trends and analysis

30 Oct 2018

At its OpenWorld 2018 conference, Oracle tried to position its cloud platform as well-suited for enterprise uses. This guide compiles coverage of key developments from the event. Read More

First take on Oracle 19c: 6 useful enhancements for DBAs

By Brian Peasland 22 Feb 2019

Database administrator Brian Peasland lists some of the new and updated features coming in Oracle Database 19c that he thinks will be beneficial to Oracle users. Read More

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse aiding analytics developers

By George Lawton 10 Dec 2018

Early adopters of Oracle's new AI-based, partly self-managing data warehouse say it can free up time to develop value-adding enterprise applications, workflows and analytics. Read More

Businesses urged to patch Oracle WebLogic flaw

By Warwick Ashford 28 Feb 2018

Security researchers are again urging businesses to patch an Oracle WebLogic flaw that continues to be exploited by cyber criminals to mine cryptocurrencies Read More

Oracle-DataFox acquisition could expand users' AI options

By Mark Labbe 06 Dec 2018

Oracle AI capabilities are likely to see a boost, as the vendor now has access to machine learning algorithms that can automatically distill useful information from large bodies of text. Read More

Oracle HPC cloud aims at mainstream business data

By Patrick Thibodeau 06 Dec 2018

ERP managers are finding more reasons to turn to high-performance computing to improve the performance of big data analysis and machine learning models. Read More

Click-to-launch tools pull apps through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplace

By Chris Kanaracus 15 Feb 2019

Oracle has made it easier for customers to choose and launch third-party software onto its cloud. Now, the question is whether more businesses will follow. Read More

GE and others head to factory of the future vision with Oracle

By Tony Kontzer 30 Nov 2018

Four manufacturing companies explain how Oracle IoT technology has helped them move forward with Industry 4.0 pursuits, including cloud ERP and industrial IoT. Read More

No doubt now about Java release cycle

By Cameron McKenzie 17 Sep 2019

At the Oracle Code One keynote, the recent track record of on-time releases and feature enhancements is a topic to boast about. Read More