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Based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML), NewsML is a standard way to describe news information content so that it can distributed and reused widely on Web sites and other media. Read Full Definition

fake news

Fake news is an inaccurate, sometimes sensationalistic report that is created to gain attention, mislead, deceive or damage a reputation. Unlike misinformation, which is inaccurate because a reporter has confused ... Read Full Definition

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satellite news gathering (SNG)

Satellite news gathering (SNG) is the use of mobile communications equipment for the purpose of worldwide newscasting. Read Full Definition

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NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)

NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) is the predominant protocol used by computer clients and servers for managing the notes posted on Usenet newsgroups. Read Full Definition


Wikitribune is crowdfunded news website created by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales in order to combat fake news online. Read Full Definition

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A blogswarm is a situation in which thousands of bloggers comment on the same story or news event. Read Full Definition

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Slashdot is a socially curated website dedicated to technology-related news items. The site motto is "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters." Read Full Definition


A news feed (newsfeed) is list of newly published content on a website. End users can receive push updates for new content on a site by subscribing to the site's news feed.  Read Full Definition

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porta-person video

NBC News demonstrates a porta-person application for the classroom, PEBBLES (Providing Education by Bringing Learning Environments to Students). Read Full Definition

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RSS is an XML-based vocabulary that specifies a means of sharing news headlines and other content between Web sites. Read Full Definition