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Inside the distros: A year in Linux development

By Adrian Bridgwater 13 Mar 2018

Linux will turn 30 in three years. We look at how far the major Linux distributions – or distros – have come over the past year and what they might be able to bring in the future Read More

News UK reduces IT supplier complexity with single outsourcing contract

By Karl Flinders 29 Sep 2015

News Corps UK subsidiary outsourced its IT infrastructure services in an effort to bring all its supplier management together and reduce complexity Read More

Universal Credit: How did it go so wrong?

By Lis Evenstad 12 Mar 2018

The DWP’s flagship welfare reform was meant to change the lives of benefits claimants through one simple IT system, but was beset by IT problems, low staff morale and delays. Newly released documents help explain ... Read More

Have traditional banks weathered the fintech challenge?

By Karl Flinders 12 Mar 2018

How will the financial technology-based challenger banks evolve as the traditional retail banking industry ups its digital game? Read More

Microsoft courts US government cloud users with Azure Stack integration promise

By Caroline Donnelly 06 Mar 2018

Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to get the US government using its cloud in anger, with the promise of a forthcoming Azure Stack integration and new datacentre regions to house “secret” classified data Read More

Amazon bank could have 70 million customers in five years

By Karl Flinders 09 Mar 2018

Amazon could have more banking customers in the US than the UK has citizens within five years Read More

Will government ever accept that it needs to learn from its mistakes?

By Lis Evenstad 09 Mar 2018

Yesterday, the government reluctantly agreed to share with the public a series of documents on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) controversial Universal Credit programme. I say ... Read More

US defence chiefs cut $1bn cloud contract with AWS partner amid anti-trust complaints

By Caroline Donnelly 06 Mar 2018

The US Department of Defense confirms it is revising down the cost and scope of a billion dollar cloud deal awarded to an AWS partner, after critics picked holes in the procurement process Read More

Putting users first: Making sense of the CCS G-Cloud launch date U-turn

By Caroline Donnelly 09 Mar 2018

The government's decision to roll back plans to delay the launch of G-Cloud 10 could be detrimental to the future of the framework, it is claimed Read More

CA Technologies finds test automation pain points

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Jul 2017

There's on old saying in communications - when you have no news, do a survey. As contrived, manipulated and affected as these things typically are, the Computer Weekly Developer Blog now has ... Read More