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SUSE 2017 milestones, a year in the kernel

By Adrian Bridgwater 13 Feb 2018

As part of a continuing set of analysis posts dedicated to examining major developments across the major (and some lesser) open source Linux distributions, we consider 2017 at open German ... Read More

Malaysian regulator and firm sued over data breach

By Aaron Tan 09 Feb 2018

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and a local company have been caught in a civil lawsuit over a massive data breach reported last year Read More

UK fintech faces biggest hit if Brexit deal goes sour

By Karl Flinders 09 Feb 2018

The UK's growing fintech sector could be hit very, very hard by a bad deal or no deal between the EU and UK Read More

Teenager suspected of crippling Dutch banks with DDoS attacks

08 Feb 2018

A large distributed denial of service attack on banks and other organisations in the Netherlands, first thought to emanate from Russia, is now thought to have been launched by a local teenager Read More

More POS malware detected in the wild

By Warwick Ashford 08 Feb 2018

The first new point of sale malware in many months is stealing data from the magnetic strips on payment cards, security researchers warn Read More

Swisscom downplays data breach

By Warwick Ashford 08 Feb 2018

Telecommunication provider Swisscom has downplayed a data breach affecting around 800,000 customers, but security experts warn of potential long-term risks Read More

Storage 2016 news includes Dell EMC, Nutanix IPO, Broadcom-Brocade

By Dave Raffo 29 Dec 2016

In 2016, EMC became part of Dell, Broadcom moved to take over Brocade, Nutanix went public, data protection expanded, and more data went on flash and cloud. Read More

AstraZeneca inks deals with Alibaba and Tencent in AI push

By Aaron Tan 06 Feb 2018

Pharmaceutical bigwig AstraZeneca hopes to deliver smart healthcare services and combat online sales of counterfeit drugs through tie-ups with Chinese tech giants Read More

Norway’s government backs cyber defence mobilisation

08 Feb 2018

Norway has accelerated plans to scale up its national security infrastructure against threats emanating from the cyber domain Read More

Docker news shaped the IT and DevOps industry in 2016

By Meredith Courtemanche 28 Dec 2016

Docker, and tools to manage it, led to a DevOps-heavy year in 2016. Here are the 10 stories that IT admins must know before 2017. Read More