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TSB IT crisis: Is IT governance strong enough in banking should be the question MPs ask

By Karl Flinders 02 May 2018

When MPs ask TSB what went wrong when it embarked on a core banking system migration they should look at how IT is managed Read More

Security pros must avoid hype, demonstrate value, says RBS CISO

By Warwick Ashford 04 May 2018

Security professionals must avoid over-hyping cyber threats, and penetration testers need to reinvent themselves to demonstrate value to businesses to remain relevant, says RBS CISO Read More

Password practices still poor despite increased threats

By Warwick Ashford 01 May 2018

Despite growing cyber threats and heightened global awareness of hacking and data breaches, password behaviours remain poor and UK users are in denial, a study has revealed Read More

Critical infrastructure firms urged to patch Schneider Electric flaws

By Warwick Ashford 02 May 2018

Critical infrastructure suppliers and manufacturing firms are being urged to ensure that their systems are patched up to date, after researchers discover Schneider Electric remote code execution vulnerability Read More

RBS closes branches after axing challenger bank project

By Karl Flinders 02 May 2018

Royal Bank of Scotland to close 162 branches and shed 800 jobs after deciding not to create a challenger bank – but a new digital bank may be on the way Read More

City Police use Lego simulation to teach businesses cyber security

By Bill Goodwin 03 May 2018

City of London Police are offering to train business leaders and IT security in cyber security using a Lego simulation that is surprisingly close to real life Read More

Security Think Tank: Reducing dwell has never been more important

By Peter Wenham 30 Apr 2018

Why is reducing cyber attacker dwell time important, and how should this be tackled? Read More

IFS World 2018: core themes, memes & development streams

By Adrian Bridgwater 01 May 2018

Enterprise applications company IFS staged its annual user and customer conference this week in Atlanta, Georgia. As one of the technology industry's TLA (three letter acronym) named firms (and ... Read More

Starship’s autonomous delivery robots get commercial roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 30 Apr 2018

Having successfully trialled its autonomous delivery robots in the UK and US, Estonian startup Starship Technologies is embarking on a full commercial roll-out Read More

Redcentric shares crash on news of misstated accounting balances

By Sean McGrath 07 Nov 2016

CFO given the boot with immediate effect as internal audit reveals misstated figures in group's balance sheet Read More