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GRC news roundup: Russian hacking allegations persist

By Christian Stafford 19 Dec 2016

After the U.S. was allegedly plagued by Russian cyberattacks during the election, members of both the Democratic and Republican parties are now calling for investigations. Also in recent GRC news: ... Read More

UK IT Priorities 2018

12 Feb 2018

Every year, Computer Weekly conducts a large-scale survey of our readers to find out their IT spending priorities for the year ahead – it's always an interesting take on what's happening in IT departments around ... Read More

Fintech professional’s tech predictions: 8- Fake personal data.

By Karl Flinders 16 May 2018

There will be a law that reduces the number of required fields in online reforms to reduce the amount of unnecessary information given to organisations. Read More

GDPR compliance: Addressing the overlooked in enterprise IT infrastructures

By Stuart Burns 18 May 2018

As the GDPR compliance deadline approaches, enterprises need to ensure they have looked beyond the headline-grabbing aspects of the regulation so they do not fall foul of the incoming data protection regulations Read More

IR35 reforms: Government invites feedback on plans to extend tax avoidance rules to private sector

By Caroline Donnelly 18 May 2018

The government is pushing ahead with its plans to explore the possibility of extending the controversial IR35 tax avoidance reforms to the private sector, much to the chagrin of stakeholders Read More

BT's network convergence strategy is a win: nobody's talking about full-fibre broadband today

By Alex Scroxton 16 May 2018

After yet another set of lacklustre earnings and with over 10,000 staff facing the axe, embattled BT CEO Gavin Patterson needed a quick win. Today's launch of new consumer offerings from both BT ... Read More

Open integration is ‘key tenet’ of Red Hat Virtualization

By Adrian Bridgwater 15 May 2018

The open hybrid cloud lies ahead of us, this is the way of things. This truism (if indeed it is one) is impacting the way firms like Red Hat are building out virtualisation technologies. Red Hat ... Read More

Report highlights security risk of open source code to business

By Warwick Ashford 17 May 2018

Increased adoption of open source code is introducing vulnerabilities into commercial software, with many audited codebases containing the Apache Struts flaw that enabled the Equifax breach, a report shows Read More

GDS aims for path of least embarrassment as it shifts strategy on Gov.uk Verify

By Bryan Glick 16 May 2018

Last week, the Government Digital Service (GDS) dedicated a whole day to talking about what it’s up to, at its first Sprint event in two years. About time too, many observers said, since GDS seemed ... Read More

Top data center market news stories of 2016

By Tim Culverhouse 13 Dec 2016

Outages, acquisitions and server innovations piqued the interest of enterprise IT shops in 2016. Here's a look back at five of the biggest data center news stories from this year. Read More