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Is the Facebook furore another piece of Fake News

By Philip Virgo 24 Mar 2018

The story of how Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data collected by an Academic intermediary to supposedly help Remain "steal" the UK referendum campaign and Trump "steal" the US Presidential ... Read More

Fintech professional’s tech predictions: 1 – Fake News

By Karl Flinders 26 Mar 2018

Fintech professional predicts that tech forms carrying news will need government approval over next few years to fight against fake news Read More

Fake News - The Movie

By Philip Virgo 14 Jul 2017

The current surge of fake news is driven by the generation of clicks (worthwhile and/or genuine or not) in support of pay-per-click advertising models. Read More

Muslim hactivists hack “unhackable” IS news site

By Warwick Ashford 13 Nov 2017

A Muslim hacktivist group has hacked into Islamic State’s news site and published thousands of subscribers’ details just hours after the site claimed it was impenetrable Read More

Is Fake News Destroying Democracy?

By Philip Virgo 02 Jul 2017

The issues of fake news are not new and democracy has always been a fragile flower, not a vigorous weed. Read More

News briefs: SAP offers HR tool for visa management

By Patrick Thibodeau 31 May 2018

In these news briefs, SAP tackles visa management, Microsoft is using a startup to manage its career site, and a startup has released a blockchain-based HR platform. Read More

IoT is good news for hackers

By Sapan Agarwal 26 Jul 2017

Technology companies, governments and the insurance industry need to band together to counter the mounting cyber threats from the internet of things Read More

Blockchain consulting project news: Accenture, Synechron in pilots

09 Feb 2018

The blockchain portion of the IT consulting market appears to be gaining momentum amid prototype and pilot projects from Accenture and Synechron; other news from the week. Read More